‘Definitely in danger’ Emmerdales Vinny star hints at death after co-stars tragic exit

‘Definitely in danger’ Emmerdales Vinny star hints at death after co-stars tragic exit


Emmerdale: Bradley Johnson hints at Vinny Dingle's future

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Emmerdale’s Bradley Johnson joined Lorraine to talk about whether “detective” Vinny Dingle will be the next victim of Meena Jutla’s (played by Paige Sandhu) murderous crime spree in the Dales. In the soap’s latest instalment, Vinny decided to follow psycho killer Meena in Sam Dingle’s (James Hooton) van and was eventually brought to an abandoned barn where murderous she was holding her sister Manpreet Sharma (Rebecca Sarker). Actor Bradley sparked concern when he remarked Vinny was “definitely in danger” at the hands of evil Meena. 

Shortly after Meena realised she had been followed by Vinny, the killer whacked him over the head with a plank of wood, leaving the Dingle out cold.

The host chirped: “For goodness sake, It’s all going on. Now he’s hostage, what will happen?”

The star explained: “Detective Vinny, as I like to call him, has made a storyboard with these links go towards Meena, he already has his suspicions about her.

“But stupidly, he follows her down a country path and into an abandoned barn where he is seen with Manpreet and then he’s whacked over the head.”

Bradley continued: “I think [with] his mental state at the minute, he’s not thinking straight.

“He’ll do anything he can to get Liv out of prison and I don’t think Vinny sees, kind of, what danger he’s putting himself in, but yeah, he’s ended up in the hands of Meena.”

Lorraine, who seemed rather concerned for Vinny, pointed out: “Now, I don’t like to worry you but see, the last time that I spoke to somebody that was in danger from Meena, that was the lovely Simon you know who plays Ben of course, and that didn’t end well…

“So, I’m just a bit worried that we’re talking this morning and I’m slightly concerned.” 

Not wanting to give too much away, the actor wondered: “Who knows?”

Bradley added: “Anybody who’s in the capable hands of Meena is definitely in danger, so we’ll have to see if Vinny can make it out or not or whether he’s one of Meena’s victims.

“Fingers crossed it’s going to be okay because I do love the character. He’s absolutely lovely.” 

While Vinny lay unconscious, a cunning Meena used his phone to send his mother Mandy (Lisa Riley), a message hoping to throw her off the scent.

Fellow hostage Manpreet told Vinny about her sister’s previous victims, and he looked on in horror as Meena wheeled in an IV set-up. 

In upcoming scenes, Manpreet cuts herself free with Vinny’s keys and attacks her killer sister, injuring her with a piece of wood. 

Unfortunately for the victims, Meena is able to overpower her, leaving a worried Vinny fearing they’re very close to death.

Is this the end for Vinny and Manpreet or will they finally be able to prove Meena is a killer?

Meanwhile, later in his interview, host Lorraine revealed a sweet fact about Bradley unbeknownst to ITV viewers at home. 

She gushed: “You and your granny dog share, this is brilliant, what a fantastic idea!”

The star revealed his mother was allergic but shortly after moving house over a year ago, the dog-lover now shares Barney with his grandma. 

He claimed: “When I’m at work, he’s at grandma’s….he’s a little dream.”

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV while Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV at 7pm.

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