Dying Lola takes a worrying turn as the end is feared in EastEnders

Dying Lola takes a worrying turn as the end is feared in EastEnders


Lola Pearce (Danielle Harold) has been battling an incurable brain tumour in EastEnders, and upcoming scenes will see her family fearing that the end may be near as she takes a turn for the worst.

Husband Jay Brown (Jamie Borthwick) and daughter Lexi (Isabella Brown) are left concerned when Lola zones out.

When she comes round again, she refuses to get checked out. Instead, she decides to pour all of her energy into a brain tumour awareness fundraiser.

However, it isn’t long until she is zoning out again, leaving Jay insisting that they go to hospital.

According to actor Jamie Borthwick, Lola’s condition leaves him concerned.

‘He’s really worried and really concerned. He’s very protective of Lola because he can see her symptoms developing, so that makes him really, really worried.’

The situation is also clearly getting to young Lexi who is struggling to cope. This leads Jay to suggest taking her to counselling.

Jay is keen to support Lexi, as Jamie pointed out.

‘He tries to support her the best he can. He tries to be there for her and continue to protect her by trying to hide the real worst of it from her. He’s just trying to protect her as much as he can.’

However, Lola is against the idea, and is eager to support Lexi herself.

Will Jay be able to convince her to change her mind?

When Lola heads to the hospital about her zoning out, will they get good news?

We know that Lola is sadly set to die before the end of the year, as a tribute to her was seen on the edge of the bar during the flash-forward to Christmas Day 2023.

Will it happen sooner than we thought?

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