EastEnders fans convinced Max Branning will be MURDERED in shock exit

EastEnders fans convinced Max Branning will be MURDERED in shock exit


EASTENDERS fans are convinced Max Branning will be murdered in a shock exit after he exposed Mick Carter’s abuse hell.

The loverat – who is played by actor Jake Wood in the BBC soap – is set to leave the Square for good this week.

But after he revealed Mick’s abuse hell to Linda – and almost the entire pub – Mick threatened to kill him.

He told Max: “I’ve got some news for you and all – you're going to stop busying yourself near my wife. 

“You ain't going to go near her again, you ain't going to talk to her again, you aren't even going to look at her again. 

“Do you understand what I'm saying to you? I'm telling you now you're going to stay away from her. I said don't look at her, don't talk to her.”

Max insisted: “I only want what's best for her, and you. You think this is going to sort your marriage out, Mick? 

“Me keeping my distance. You know why she's with you, don't you? Pity."

With that Mick punched Max so hard he flew across the Vic and landed on a table.

In front of the pub, Mick warned Max: "Come near my wife again and I'll kill you."

And fans think someone will kill Max before his exit – as one wrote: "Max's exit is definately linked to Mick…"

A second said: "So Mick gets the duff duff on the episode before Max leaves, cool cool cool. No coincidence."

Another added: "Why do I have a bad feeling Max is gonna get killed off…"

A fourth agreed: "Now we've got "Who killed Max?" to look forward to."

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