EastEnders fans predict Janine Butcher will KILL monster Gray Atkins as Charlie Brookes makes dramatic return

EastEnders fans predict Janine Butcher will KILL monster Gray Atkins as Charlie Brookes makes dramatic return


EASTENDERS fans are convinced that Janine Butcher will KILL monster Gray Atkins.

It comes after it was revealed that actress Charlie Brookes, 39 – who has played the money grabbing super-b****h since 1999 – will be making a dramatic return to the BBC soap.

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As viewers will know, Janine has managed to successfully kill three of her four husbands, so it's no wonder that the idea has sprung to mind.

Although BBC bosses have kept schtum about what's in store for the murderer when she returns to the Square, she could potentially get involved with Gray.

Considering he's a lawyer, has a nice big house and is single… there is definitely potential for a new relationship to blossom.

Things could take a turn for the worst when she finds out that he's murdered in the past and she could finish him off for good.

Janine could get herself into a position where she needs to kill him in self defence OR they may not start dating and someone could ask her to murder him on their behalf.

The possibilities are endless…

Many fans have taken to Twitter to share their thoughts on what's in store for the future.

One said: "I hope when Janine returns she sorts Gray out #EastEnders."

Another said: "Janine Butcher v Gray Atkins #Eastenders *FFFFFFIIIIIIGGGGHHHHTTTT!*"

A third added: "Janine Butcher’s gonna come back and finish Gray off ain’t she #EastEnders."

A fourth wrote: "Maybe Janine could expose Gray #EastEnders."

A fifth tweeted: "Janine’s return is good news. News dropped after a terrible week on the show which is nicely timed! Would they ‘Mel Owen’ the character, I wonder? I can’t shake the feeling. No doubt entwined with Gray could be ok, I mean Michael Moon anyone? Exciting return! #EastEnders."

Before the news had even been confirmed one fan had predicted her return.

They wrote: "#Eastenders If Gray is to become a proper villian/serial killer….he needs a nemesis, I say bring back Janine Butcher….she'll sort the men from the boys…"

Charlie is due to start filming in the next few weeks, meaning that the legendary character will hit our screens later this year.

An EastEnders source told The Sun: “Bosses have a huge story planned for Charlie’s return.

“They are keeping tight-lipped about whether Janine will come back as a reformed character after all the chaos she has caused in the past.

“But she certainly has a lot of history in Albert Square so whether she will be welcomed back with open arms or not remains to be seen.

“One thing the viewers can be sure about is that it is bound to be explosive. Wherever Janine goes, drama is never far behind.”

Charlie, who won the 2012 series of I’m A Celebrity, first appeared on our screens as Janine back in 1999.

After 15 years on the Square, she left Walford and headed to France in a bid to reunite with her daughter Scarlett.

Last week fans were left horroried when Gray brutally murdered Kush Kazemi by pushing him under a tube train.

Gray has already managed to kill his wife Chantelle Atkins and Tina Carter.

After realising that the market trader was going to take Whitney Dean away from him, he decided to take matters into his own hands by pushing him onto the tracks.

Viewers couldn't believe their eyes.


A second said: "NO HE'S KILLED KUSH OMFG."

Another added: "KUSH DID NOT DESERVE TO DIE #EastEnders."

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