EastEnders fans work out Sukis plan as she ends Eve romance after brainwash

EastEnders fans work out Sukis plan as she ends Eve romance after brainwash

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    EastEnders fans are convinced that Suki is planning something after she was manipulated into ending things with Eve.

    Suki returned from Mumbai and it wasn't long before she ended up at Eve's where they shared a passionate kiss, after which Suki informed Eve she would speak to her after seeing Nish.

    Fans rejoiced after seeing the pair embracing, believing their relationship can finally move forward following months of tension.

    As she sat down with her husband, Nish told her: "I made a mistake. But what did you do? You abandoned me in prison. You kept my children away from me."

    Nish explained to Suki that divorce isn't an option, claiming she would "stain the Panesar name" if she chose that.

    Asking if someone else is involved, Nish simply stated: "You wouldn't do that to me, would you? You wouldn't tarnish yourself with that shame."

    After visiting Nish, Suki met Eve and revealed that everything they did was a mistake, adding that she never loved her. 

    She then revealed that she is giving things a go with Nish, leaving Eve devastated.

    Viewers were both heartbroken and fuming that Suki could be talked around by Nish, but many believe there is more to it than that.

    Taking to social media, one wrote: "Suki is protecting Eve. She's not using her. She loves her and that's why she’s protecting her."

    "Nish worming his way back in. Suki only doing it to protect Eve," penned a second.

    A third begged: "Literally praying for a twist right now that Suki is playing Nish!"

    "I know she said all that to protect Eve from Nish but that really was like a dagger to the heart… WHY SUKI WHY," exclaimed another.

    Someone else speculated: "I think Suki did that to protect Eve."

    Echoing these thoughts, another added: "Suki is going to push Eve away now to protect her."

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