EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell arrested after stealing a car and lashing out at Callum Highway – The Sun

EastEnders spoilers: Ben Mitchell arrested after stealing a car and lashing out at Callum Highway – The Sun


EASTENDERS' Ben Mitchell will be arrested next week after stealing a car and lashing out at boyfriend Callum.

The gangster – who is played by actor Max Bowden in the BBC soap – is continuing to struggle with his hearing loss and will end up rowing with Callum and spiralling out of control.

Still struggling Ben refuses to take Callum's suggestion and begin learning sign language.

And later when Danny Hardcastle turns up, Ben is shocked and instead of admitting he's gone deaf, he tries desperately to understand what Danny's offering him.

Desperate to keep the truth from Danny, Ben's left frustrated when Kathy intervenes to save him from himself and the people trafficker.

As Callum arrives to take Ben to his appointment, Danny issues Ben an ultimatum, leaving Callum concerned about what exactly he wants.

And Ben gets another blow when he learns his operation won’t be for another few weeks and reveals to Callum that the operation could have serious complications.

Desperate to support him, Callum quizzes Ben about Danny and suggests he avoids any stress, but Ben storms off and hatches a plan to stay in control when he meets Danny.

Elsewhere, Callum prepares for his police assessment but grows suspicious when Ruby reveals Ben is at the club.

Later, Ben is alarmed when Callum arrives but soon realises he’s there to help not that things go well when Danny learns that Callum is planning to become a police officer.

And when Danny threatens Callum, Ben is forced to come clean about his hearing loss but things still go wrong.

Livid, Ben lashes out at Callum and storms off to the Prince Albert where he grows closer to another man at the bar.

But as the pair grow friendly, Ben steals his car and is later pulled over by police and arrested.

After learning of Ben’s arrest, Callum is distraught when Kathy reveals Ben was leaving the Prince Albert with Hugo and after talking to Jack makes a difficult decision.

What has he decided?

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