EastEnders star rushed to hospital with gruesome injury – ‘In pain and covered in blood’

EastEnders star rushed to hospital with gruesome injury – ‘In pain and covered in blood’


Former EastEnders star Preeya Kalidas has been rushed to hospital after suffering a “painful and bloody” injury as she worked out at the gym.

Preeya played Amira Masood on the BBC soap for three years from 2009 until her departure in 2012. On her Instagram Story, she shared snaps and a clip from her hospital visit, showing followers her bandaged finger.

Sharing a video of her hospital room and finger, she wrote: “Getting on with my day. Then end up in A&E.

“Don’t trap your finger in doors. Painful and bloody” and added a prayer hands emoji.

She said in another slide that her nurse had made her laugh despite the pain.

“The nurse said 'I need to put this on like a condom' [grinning face emoji]"

She also shared a snap of the X-ray of her finger and wrote: “Not broke, don’t need stitches, life carries on” and added a grinning face emoji.

In a later clip to her Story, the 45 year old said: “Thanks to that lovely nurse, but now I’ve got to go and see a specialist.

“This is not how I was planning to spend my day. Just shows you anything can happen at any moment.”

In September last year, Preeya reunited with her former co-star Marc Elliott, who portrayed her onscreen ex-husband Syed Masood.

Wrapped up warm and wearing a pink beanie hat, Preeya shared a TikTok in which the pair can be seen together as she says: "Look who I just bumped in to… my ex-husband,” before the pair begin to giggle.

It caused fans to go wild and left them yearning for Marc, 43, and Preeya to return to Albert Square.

"Omg Amira and Syed please come back," said one alongside a crying emoji.

"Are you guys coming back to EastEnders?," another queried, as a third begged: "Come back both of you.”

During their time on screen together, their characters married and welcomed a daughter, Yasmin, despite Syed being gay and having fallen in love with Christian Clarke (John Partridge).

Preeya quit the soap twice, returning after her first exit to tell Syed about Yasmin and said that she wanted him to be a part of her life after the pair had made amends.

The pair left Walford, with Christian eventually following them despite splitting briefly.

Christian decided he couldn’t be without Syed and so left Albert Square to be with his love.

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