Emmerdale backlash as fans furious over Faith Dingle’s exit from ITV soap: ‘Can’t imagine’

Emmerdale backlash as fans furious over Faith Dingle’s exit from ITV soap: ‘Can’t imagine’


Lorraine: Sally Dexter discusses Faith Dingle’s health

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Faith (played by Sally Dexter) has made a couple of exits and returns to Emmerdale over the years, with her most recent comeback airing last year following the drama of Cain Dingle’s (Jeff Hordley) long-lost son, Nate Robinson (Jurell Carter). It was never thought when she was brought back into village life she would be leaving the ITV soap just over a year later. However, with the latest news rocking the iconic family to its core, it seems viewers will be bidding farewell to Faith and the actress who plays her, Sally, a lot sooner than they had hoped.

A lot of the backlash from viewers came after Monday night’s episode, in which Chas Dingle (Lucy Pargeter) was trying to convince her mother not to give up.

Faith was explaining how tired she was becoming because of the chemotherapy and how she felt she didn’t have the best quality of life.

The matriarch of the Dingle family said to her daughter: “I’ve been able to handle the nausea, after all it’s not my first rodeo.

“But the exhaustion – that seems to be getting worse. I wouldn’t say no to a new set of lungs if they’re offering. Except it’s in my bones too.

“I think the chemo is not for me, Chas. Not this time. The best it’s going to do is give me a couple more months. But at what cost?”

“I think it’s time to knock it on the head, love. That’s the trick of life, you see, knowing when to hold them and when to fold them,” she continued.

“I’m in the best place to be, nothing’s going to get better from here on in. I’ve fought this fight before don’t forget.

“I remember the relief when I got the all-clear. No amount of chemotherapy is going to help, plus the fact it’s making me feel worse.”

Chas wasn’t having any of this and in upcoming scenes, she will try and persuade her brother Cain to talk their mother around.

Although Faith will agree to continue with the chemotherapy eventually, Chas will know this isn’t what her mother wants.

Wouldn’t be top of me list

Emmerdale viewer

In the coming months, it is most likely Faith is going to die as writers bring the character’s turbulent journey to an end.

Sally will be putting the character of Faith behind her, having played the matriarch for the best part of five years.

Taking to Twitter, viewers shared their anguish now they know there is no way back for the beloved villager ahead of her exit.

Mike wrote: “Faith Dingle is a good character. Be gutted when she leaves. I know there’s a lot of younger characters but we need to keep older characters in it too #Emmerdale.”

Emma posted: “Of all the characters in #Emmerdale to kill off…Faith wouldn’t be top of my list.”

JillyGee added on the social media platform: “I really don’t want Faith to die, she’s just so lovely #emmerdale.”

Megan commented: “I love Faith, I don’t want her to die #Emmerdale,” whilst Swalk remarked: “Did Sally Dexter choose to leave?

“I can’t imagine the writers deciding to axe her character like this??!! #Emmerdale,” they added, unimpressed with the future for the character.

Due to the severity of the illness, Faith doesn’t have long left but Sally has assured fans the rest of the storyline will be portrayed accurately.

The soap star explained: “It’s upsetting, but really important as a storyline because it’s more than a storyline for so many people.”

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“It matters to people who are going through it as well as people who will go through it,” the actress explained in a statement.

“I feel a sense of real responsibility, but also a privilege to be doing this storyline.”

Producer for the show, Laura Shaw added: “Faith’s zest for life with her spicy sense of humour and appetite for fun and adventure means that while there will inevitably be some painful and heart-wrenching moments, we will also see life-affirming and positive moments of light in the story, too.

“Given the calibre of actor Sally is, I know she will approach the story with great honesty and depth and do it justice.

“And this in turn will raise awareness of such an important issue that affects many people on a daily basis,” she explained.

It is not yet known when Faith’s last scenes will air but given how much the cancer has spread, it is likely to be before Christmas.

With the show’s 50th anniversary airing later this year, writers could make the decision to kill her off in these episodes.

Again, not too much has been given away about the birthday celebrations but a death does usually take place around this time.

This would mean Faith would have until October to mend some bridges with her family before she eventually dies.

Emmerdale airs weekdays at 7:30pm on ITV, with an hour-long episode airing on Thursdays.

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