Emmerdale confirms when Faith will die in heartbreaking scenes

Emmerdale confirms when Faith will die in heartbreaking scenes


The most heartbreaking development from tonight’s Emmerdale was the ITV soap confirming Faith Dingle (Sally Dexter) may not be alive next month.

Recently, Faith was told by Patricia, her palliative care nurse, that she would need to put plans in place that would see her family make decisions for her.

This was because the cancer has now started to spread to Faith’s brain, and it will deteriorate quicker than her body.

We were given an example of this when Faith accidentally burnt her hand on boiling water, became confused and disorientated and then called Cain (Jeff Hordley), Shadrach – her evil ex-husband.

This happened again during tonight’s episode, when Faith became aggravated by Kyle’s (Huey Quinn) chatting and excitement about going to the zoo.

Faith had some harsh words for Kyle and even called him Cain, but later explained to her family that she knew Kyle wasn’t her son, but her brain just got muddled.

This led to Faith and Cain telling Chas (Lucy Pargeter) about the incident a few weeks ago, leaving Chas frustrated her sick mum was still keeping secrets.

It became apparent Faith wasn’t being entirely honest because she was panicking about her reality. Faith told Cain, Chas and Moira (Natalie J Robb) that she ‘wasn’t ready’ to go yet, and admitting she’s ‘on 2%’ was another way of saying she really doesn’t have long left.

Concern for her mum saw Chas make a phone call to Patricia, who later helped the family make a deal to put aside work priorities and focus on Faith – make memories, take photos, spend time together and absolutely enjoy every single day.

During a private moment, Patricia reminded Faith that she doesn’t have to be Faith Dingle (hair up, make-up and heels on) anymore – she just needs to slightly alter the way she approaches each day to really make the most of them.

This got Faith thinking and smiled when she told Patricia that it’s Eve’s birthday next month.

Patricia’s facial expression said it all, the smile was wiped from her face and that really hit Faith.

She doesn’t have months left – she has days.

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