Emmerdale spoilers: Harriet and Will reunite as they struggle to keep Malone's death a secret

Emmerdale spoilers: Harriet and Will reunite as they struggle to keep Malone's death a secret


HARRIET Finch and Will Taylor reunite next week in Emmerdale as they struggle to keep Malone’s death under wraps. 

Dawn shot Malone three times in the ITV soap after he tried to force her to take her life by overdosing on heroin – and finally murdered the corrupt policeman.

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Harriet then set about making it look like Malone had done a runner before burying him in someone else’s grave in the churchyard – with the help of Dawn.

But the guilt quickly got to Dawn and she spilled the beans about the murder to her dad Will, who was then quick to dump Harriet for covering up the murder and lying to him. 

Next week’s episodes of Emmerdale will see Harriet realise that Dawn has been sleeping with clients again. 

Harriet tries to get Dawn to confide in her, but their conversation takes a nasty turn when Harriet mentions Malone. 

Billy passes by and notices Dawn’s distress, but Harriet tells him to leave them alone. 

Harriet later tells Will that she’s worried about Dawn. 

Will is grateful for her concern but leaves Harriet shocked when he suggests they go upstairs. 

Later, Billy tries to speak to Dawn again and work out what’s going on. 

When Dawn admits she’s been sleeping with clients again, Billy tries to console her. 

Will Dawn confess to murdering Malone?

Fans of the ITV soap are convinced that Malone – who’s already survived two murder attempts – won’t actually be dead, and that he’ll claw himself out of the grave Harriet and Dawn put him in.

Sure enough, Emmerdale producer Laura Shaw teased that the body won't stay buried for long.

She said: "I'm pretty sure given that it's a soap, that body won't stay buried there forever and there will be some reason later on why that body needs to be moved, and we can fully enjoy some dark, grisly, grave digging in the future!"

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