Escape to the Chateau: How old is Dick and Angels son Arthur?

Escape to the Chateau: How old is Dick and Angels son Arthur?


Escape to the château: Dick and Angel say their kids aren't spoilt

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Escape to the Chateau is a fan-favourite for Channel 4 viewers, following the lives of Dick Strawbridge and Angel Adoree after they packed their bags and moved to France. The couple, with their young children in tow, left the UK so they could renovate a derelict chateau and while they have faced some difficulties, the building is slowly being restored to its former glory. Someone who has been able to watch the progress up close and personal is Dick and Angel’s son Arthur.

How old is Dick and Angel’s son Arthur?

For Dick and Angel, 2015 was a big year for them as not only did they get married, but the couple also purchased the French 19th Century Chateau de La Motte Husson.

This wouldn’t have been an easy feat with just them to think about, let alone two children as well.

At the time, son Arthur and daughter Dorothy were toddlers so there would have been plenty to think about logistically.

Arthur is the eldest of Dick and Angel’s children as he was born in 2013, which now makes him nine years old.

His sister Dorothy is only one year younger than him at eight years old, having celebrated her birthday the day after Easter this year.

The family ventured to the beach to mark her and Angel’s 44th birthday, sharing pictures of Arthur and Dorothy having fun in the sand.

Followers sent the obligatory happy birthday messages to them both and hoped they enjoyed their time at the beach.

Others also took to social media to comment on how grown-up Arthur and Dorothy looked.

One fan commented: “Dotty is getting as tall as Arthur! Two wonderful children.”

Another wrote: “They are growing up so fast! Slow down Father Time!”, with a third echoing: “Wow the kids are really growing up fast!!!”

Arthur and Dorothy are not Dick’s only children as he has another two with his first wife Brigit Weiner.

His other children are celebrity chef James Strawbridge, 38, and artist Charlotte Strawbridge, 36.

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The Strawbridge’s chateau is a 45-bedroom property they purchased for just £280,000 seven years ago.

Some viewers have commented they think Arthur and Dorothy are “spoilt” due to them growing up in the stunning French castle.

But Dick and Angel have spoken out, claiming this to be “ridiculous”.

They explained to Radio 5 Live that Arthur and Dorothy understand what it means “to work” for what you have.

Dick said: “They haven’t known anything different, but they know that you work to actually achieve the life you do.

“Those values and the things we do, they are very aware.

“Yes, they’ve got a lovely playroom full of their stuff, their bedrooms, they’ve got a lovely environment. But their friends come and it’s not unusual. It’s just normal.

“When Arthur and Dorothy go to visit their friends in the village, you know, they know it’s different, but they don’t see it as being anything especially different.”

Escape to the Chateau is available to watch on All4.

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