Ex-refugee calls on international community to give Taliban a chance to prove themselves

Ex-refugee calls on international community to give Taliban a chance to prove themselves


Afghanistan: Former refugee says give Taliban ‘a chance’

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Former refugee, Dr Mohammad Haqmal has insisted that the Taliban group be given a chance to “prove” they have changed. However, his claims have caused fury on Social media.

Dr Mohammad Haqmal told Sky news: “Well, as a researcher, I always believe in evidence so let’s give the Taliban a chance to prove.

“Also as a researcher, as somebody who is involved in education sectors and support.

“I would say it is difficult, I’m not in the position to judge how they will behave also in the next decades, in the next four months or two months.

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He added: “So I will say, give them chance.”

However, Twitter users do not support his claim.

One user commented: That’s very easy for Dr Haqmal to say whilst sitting in his cozy central London home.

While the third wrote a definite “never”.

Another user commented: “How many people have to suffer for you to be satisfied and say that enough is enough?

Another wrote: “Well early reports of looting, murder, theft and mayhem suggest they haven’t changed! Unless he knows something we don’t….

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The latest report says that the Taliban “massacred” and tortured a few members of the Hazara minority in Afghanistan, according to human rights group Amnesty International.

The human rights group says this is a “horrifying indicator” of Taliban rule.

However, since the take-over of Kabul, the Taliban have attempted to portray a more restrained image, such as offering women equal rights to work and offering amnesty to Afghans who have helped western forces.
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