Fiz disgusted as she discovers child abuse decision in Coronation Street

Fiz disgusted as she discovers child abuse decision in Coronation Street


The truth finally came out about Beth Tinker’s (Lisa George) assault on child Hope Stape (Isabella Flanagan) in tonight’s Coronation Street, and it’s safe to say that Fiz (Jennie McAlpine) was not happy.

It all started back when Cilla the Chichilla sadly died earlier this year.

Hope blamed Peanut, Beth and Kirk’s (Andy Whyment) dog, and came up with a cunning plan to make her pay.

She faked an injury on her arm and blamed Peanut for biting her, but felt bad when it was revealed that Peanut may need to be put down after the supposed attack.

Things unraveled for Hope when Tyrone Dobbs (Alan Halsall) discovered the truth, leaving Beth furious.

Beth tracked Hope down, and an altercation between them began, with Beth ultimately slapping Hope in the face.

However, when Hope revealed this to her parents, they didn’t believe her.

Beth kept up the lie that she was innocent for several weeks, but it was finally revealed tonight when Hope flinched away from Fiz, sparking concerns.

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Horrified, Fiz and Tyrone marched over to Underworld to confront deceitful Beth, who finally admitted to what she had done.

Partner Kirk was equally disgusted to learn what Beth had done, but begged Fiz and Tyrone not to call the police, making Beth promise to stay away from Hope from now on.

When Hope learnt that the police hadn’t been informed, she was equally upset, rightfully pointing out that she had been taught that actions have consequences.

Fiz reasoned with her by explaining that the police probably wouldn’t do anything, though incensed Hope pointed out that they wouldn’t know unless they tried.

Will Fiz give in and go to the police over Beth’s assault, or will Hope take matters into her own hands?

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