Frankie Essex opens up on baby son's 'terrifying' emergency surgery ordeal and reveals his twin sister's health issue | The Sun

Frankie Essex opens up on baby son's 'terrifying' emergency surgery ordeal and reveals his twin sister's health issue | The Sun


FORMER Towie star Frankie Essex revealed her five-month-old baby was rushed to hospital three times in the past week.

Frankie, 34, gave birth to twins Logan and Luella in June and has since been through a "terrifying" ordeal with five-month-old Logan's shock health problems.

The blonde bombshell opened up in her OK! column: "So on Monday morning we went to the doctors and by Monday night, something didn't feel right so we took him to A&E.

"He ended up being put in an ambulance to another hospital. Then the next day he had a scan so they could confirm that it was an abscess.

"He then had to go to the Royal London hospital – so the third hospital – to have it removed."

She explained that her Logan had to stay in hospital for five days due to the emergency surgery and admitted she has filed a complaint to her GP after the ordeal.

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She wrote: "I presumed it was a bit common because babies have vaccinations every single day and they have to have three lots – but every doctor and nurse I spoke to said they'd never seen it in a baby."

Frankie also revealed that daughter Luella has a health problem that has required treatment, she explained how her daughter has to have physiotherapy in her column: “So Luella’s got a tilted neck, it's called torticollis.

"It's not very bad and it's not locked because some babies do have a locked neck.

"But I took her to a physio and was there for an hour and it was amazing.

“The lady taught me all these different ways to help stretch her neck just by gravity really and to get her to look to the right more.

“It’s definitely working that she's holding her own head up more straight now. I think it was £120 to go private as the NHS takes weeks, and it was so worth the money. 

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“I filmed the session so I could watch it back again and again, and to show Luke who couldn’t make it to the appointment.

"I could just tell something wasn’t right with her neck. 

"Marnie Simpson from Geordie Shore’s little boy has it as well. I messaged her and she said she went private so I did the same.

“I looked for someone online and found someone in Chingford and she booked us in last minute because of Luella being five months old, which means it needs to be treated sooner rather than later.”

The Towie star shares Luella and Logan with personal trainer boyfriend Luke Luv, 32.

They announced their pregnancy in February after Frankie quickly fell pregnant after coming off contraception.

She told New!: "I didn’t have a period for a couple of months when I stopped everything. Then I had my period, and wrote that down,"

"The next month came along and I didn’t have one, so I just assumed they were messed up from coming off contraception."

"I left it for another two weeks. Then I just bought a pregnancy test to see. I did it and it came back positive! I was so shocked, I didn’t tell Luke for a week."

Frankie posted an update regarding Logan's health in mid October, sharing a clip of Luke holding their son, she wrote:

"Our Little Logan. Last night we ended up in a&e baby has an infection in his leg.

"Doing well, his daddy didn't leave his side all night so mummy could take our little girl home [to] get the bottles [and] blankets."

The star was inundated with messages of support and well wishes from worried fans, to which she simply gave thanks, writing: "Thank you for all your messages."

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