Friends’ David Schwimmer reveals REVOLTING encounter with Ross’ monkey on set – and snaps ‘he needed to f*** off!’

Friends’ David Schwimmer reveals REVOLTING encounter with Ross’ monkey on set – and snaps ‘he needed to f*** off!’


FRIENDS star David Schwimmer has revealed a REVOLTING encounter with Marcel the monkey on set – and snapped "he needed to f*** off!"

The highly-anticipated reunion of the American sitcom was released on Sky and NOW TV streaming service earlier today and it is certainly not one to miss.

The topic of Ross Geller's white-headed capuchin pet monkey Marcel came up in conversation when the cast were asked what they disliked doing on the show.

Courteney Cox, who played Monica Geller in the show, confessed: "The monkey scared me."

However Rachel Green actress Jennifer Aniston came to his defence and said: "I loved the monkey."

But David clapped back: "Yeah because you didn't have to touch it!"

The star admitted that it was hard to work alongside the primate because he would often miss his mark, despite being well-trained.

He also admitted that his eating habits became a bit of a problem.

David continued: "That, combined with when the monkey was resting and just waiting for us to roll, it would sit on my shoulder.

"The trainer would come up and just open [their hand] and give the monkey live grubs.

"So the monkey would be sitting on my shoulder, take some grubs, break them in half – the squirming live grub, they ate it, and then it would just go like that [put its hands on me].

"Monkey grubby hands all over. It just wasn't [pleasant].

"It was time for Marcel…you know, f**k off.

Ross Geller introduced his furry friend to the gang as his date at Monica's New Year's Eve party in season one.

He ran away under the supervision of Rachel, but was later found by one of her class mates.

When the monkey reached his sexual maturity, Ross decided to give him up to San Diego Zoo, but he was later stolen and turned into a movie star.

He starred in a total of eight episodes.

The highly-anticipated reunion has given David, Jennifer, Courteney, Lisa Kudrow, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry a chance to reminisce about being part of one of the most popular shows of all-time.

Friends: The Reunion is premiering exactly one year after its original air date due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Filming was to start in February 2020, but the cast were unable reunite until April this year when restrictions started to lift.

The one-off episode was even filmed on the comedy's original sound stage, Stage 24, at Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California.

Friends delighted fans with 10 seasons that ran from 1994 to 2004.

Watch Friends: The Reunion on Sky One tonight [Thursday May 27] at 8pm or on Sky and NOW TV streaming services

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