Gemma Collins reveals surgery plans with Lady Gaga's LA doctor ahead of boob lift

Gemma Collins reveals surgery plans with Lady Gaga's LA doctor ahead of boob lift


ONLY the best will do for Gemma Collins, including going under the knife with Lady Gaga's doctor.

The self-confessed diva, 39, is determined to get a boob lift as she tries to "age reverse" herself before she turns 40.

She regularly shares updates about her cosmetic procedures including a hydro oxygen facial and a painful "jawline tightening" treatment to make herself look permanently contoured.

But she refuses to apologise for wanting to look fabulous and declared her 40th year would be her best.

"I would like a boob uplift, don't get me wrong. You know, the world is my oyster. And J-Lo, she's my inspiration. She's absolutely incredible," the GC told The Sun Online.

"So, if J-Lo can do it, then the GC can do it. The older I get honey, the better I become. I like the thought of turning 40 because I'm more mentally aware now, I've experienced so much more and I've got life experience."

Gemma added: "I've had the knocks but I've had the comebacks. Turning 40 is when I'm really going to do some damage."

Gemma has long wanted a boob lift to stop her breasts sagging and it looks like she's finally going ahead, despite warnings from her doctors.

The reality star who has her own show, Gemma Collins: Diva Forever and Ever starts premiering tonight, has her pick of top doctors and is tossing up whether to travel to LA or stay in London for the procedure.

At the top of her list is surgeon to the stars, Simon Ourian who has worked on celebrities such as, Lady Gaga and members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan.

"I love Dr Simon Durian, bless him. I mean he's worked on Lady Gaga and I know him very well. He has offered to do my surgery," Gemma explained.

"But I've got a very good surgeon on Harley Street, Dr Riccardo Frati. He's Italian, he's hilarious and he gives you a good anaesthetic."

Gemma revealed she already did a procedure with Frati, but "couldn’t say what the last procedure was".

"Last time I was at his clinic, I was out within an hour shopping at Chanel on Sloane Street. 

"He's fabulous.  Doctor Frati is the way forward. But I do have the choice of Dr. Ourian. The last time I was with him, he said: 'You can come in anytime'."

Despite opting for Frati for her boob lift, a trip to LA could definitely be on the cards as the Towie legend admits she'd love to do a one woman stand-up show in Las Vegas.

"I'm a busy lady and I'm planning a one woman show in Vegas," Gemma explained.

"The dream is, and I keep saying to Mark, my agent, I want to do a stand-up one woman show in Vegas. I could have a whole suite there, why not?"

"There's nothing I can't achieve. I've just done Piers Morgan Life stories.  

"It doesn't come out till January next year. But it's gonna be emosh.  I'm on a roll."

Gemma is certainly on a roll as she powers through her weight loss journey, having already lost 3st and is "more body confident than ever now".

The star admitted to wanting to get fit to try for babies next but also to celebrate being 40 and fabulous.

"No-one believes the age that I am, I'm trying to ‘age reverse’ myself. I really am trying my hardest," Gemma said.

"At the end of the day, I'm an icon, I don't need to explain myself to anyone. I am unapologetically me.

"I don't give a shit basically. And being my age now, you know I've accomplished a lot, I've achieved a lot."

She described everything she's achieved in her life as "a warm-up for the big 4-0".

"Turning 40 is going to be the real game changer for me," she said.

"I still want to keep myself looking young and just because you're 40, it doesn’t mean you need to look old and frumpy. Forty for me is the new 20 honey."

Gemma Collins: Diva Forever and Ever starts tonight, 9pm, ITVBe

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