Ghosts star admits ‘there’s a point we’ll age’ as he addresses future

Ghosts star admits ‘there’s a point we’ll age’ as he addresses future


Ghosts: Season four trailer released by BBC

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BBC’s Ghosts returns to screens this Christmas for a special festive episode. Although the broadcaster recently confirmed a fifth batch of episodes, Robin and Humphrey’s head star Laurence Richard hinted at there being an end in sight for the series at a special screening of the Christmas episode.

Ghosts has been immensely popular and enjoyed success across the world. 

As well as multiple Christmas specials and a fifth series in the pipeline, an American version of Ghosts has been created. 

However, when asked about the longevity of the series, Laurence shared some disappointing news. 

He pointed out: “There’s a point at which we will age.”

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The writer and executive producer explained the Ghosts would have to be “sucked off” one by one once they get to the point of ageing. 

But, Lady ‘Fanny’ Button star Martha Howe-Douglas joked she would be able to carry on with the show with a spin-off as her costume is already designed to make her look older. 

Meanwhile, Pat star Jim Howick and Thomas Thorne star Matthew Baynton reflected on the US version of the popular series. 

At the Christmas screening, the cast was asked if they would consider starring in the American spin-off. 

Matthew revealed: “I’m in it, I’m only in it cause Jim didn’t want to be in it.”

“If there was a part on offer, why not?” Jim replied as Matthew hit back: “There was one Jim and you didn’t want it.”

Jim explained: “It was watching a version of me playing a version of me. I didn’t want to wear that costume as someone else.”

Ghosts fans will know Jim’s character Pat was killed by an arrow when a Scouts archery lesson went horribly wrong. 

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Matthew shared: “In the American version there is Pete who is there Pat and it was an episode in which the documentary crew come to the house to recreate his death in a show called Dumb Deaths. 

“The character is an actor who was playing a version of Pete that is not a very kind representation. 

“And so he gets really worried that his family who is still around are going to see this awful representation of him and the actor is a d*****d and they thought it would be fun piece of casting to get Jim to play him. 

“I was literally with him when he got the offer we were writing and he said, ‘I’m not gonna do it.’”

“And then half an hour later I got an email,” Matthew added.

Writer and executive producer Jim didn’t rule out starring in the American version of Ghosts in the future

“It might be that we’re all involved somehow that would be nice,” Jim said. 

Ghosts airs on BBC One on Christmas Day at 7.25pm

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