Good Morning Britain fans rage as guest ‘rudely interrupted’ during tense chat

Good Morning Britain fans rage as guest ‘rudely interrupted’ during tense chat


Good Morning Britain fans weren't impressed by the show's Tuesday interview with Andy Burnham, as they accused the presenters of "interrupting" the Manchester mayor.

Andy, 50, recently made headlines when he publicly confronted the UK government over Covid restrictions in the North of England.

Joining Kate Garraway and Ranvir Singh in the studio, the Mancunian politician laid out the motivation behind the speech, speaking on behalf of the communities he represents.

However, both Kate and Ranvir continued to challenge Andy throughout the interview, pointing out there were people in Manchester who disagreed with certain points he had made.

Watching from home, some GMB viewers felt Kate and Ranvir had interrupted Andy too frequently during the interview.

One said: "Why does Kate and Ranvir just interrupt the mayor of Manchester everytime he has a point [sic]?"

"#GMB Could the presenters ask more concise questions and give the guests more time to talk," wrote a second.

And a third said: "@kategarraway @ranvir01 @GMB, when you have guests on like @AndyBurnhamGM and you ask a question, please let them answer. Constantly butting over the guest to have more of your say is frustrating for the viewer."

"This interview with @AndyBurnhamGM on @GMB is disgraceful. The verbosity of the questions painting Andy as the bad guy by @ranvir01 and @kategarraway is not enough, they also keep talking over him when he's trying to get a word in to answer their criticism," complained a fourth.

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