Gorka Marquez almost passed out as he watched Gemmas traumatic birth

Gorka Marquez almost passed out as he watched Gemmas traumatic birth


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Gorka Marquez and Gemma Atkinson welcomed their son Thiago in July, four years after the birth of their daughter Mia.

Ahead of his arrival, the pair allowed W Channel to follow them as they prepared for his birth and the first time the tot met his grandparents.

Gemma & Gorka: Life Behind The Lens airs next week and the Strictly Come Dancing professional shared his fears for Thiago’s birth after Gemma haemorrhaged when Mia was born.

Recalling her “traumatic” birth, Gorka said: “I know some men struggle to talk but I’m very straightforward.

“I’m very sensitive and I love to say things and I think it’s the best thing you can do is talk about it. So, in that way I was ok but in the moment, it was very traumatic when I was there because obviously I didn’t know what was going on.”

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He continued: “I remember when Gemma had to go for the C-section and they pressed the alarm, it felt like a pit stop in the Formula One you know, they were like, ‘Don’t panic, we’re just gonna press the alarm’.

“And you’re like you ‘don’t tell me not to panic I’m going to panic now’. It was doctors and nurses rushing in from every side of the room, getting cables and drapes and everything.

“And they’re like, ‘just step away, please step away’. And I’m like, ‘what’s going on?’ And then no one says anything.

“So, they say just stay here. And they were like, ‘We’re gonna try to save the baby and if everything goes fine, you will be able to come in’, and I’m like, ‘What do you mean if everything goes fine?’

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“They put me in this little room and I was just there waiting with my scrubs on to see if I was able to come in or not to mind.

“They left me there alone in that little room just waiting like 10-15 minutes like what is going on. And then finally they tell you what’s happened so then you’re ok.”

Gemma added she begged doctors not to put her to sleep as she wanted to be awake when Mia arrived.

“They were saying that if the epidural didn’t work quick enough, they’d have to put me to sleep,” the former Emmerdale star shared.

“And if I was put to sleep, he wasn’t allowed in the room. And I remember saying, ‘Oh, please don’t I can’t be asleep when my baby’s born, please’.

“I always have a fear of if I’m asleep, I’ll not wake up. So, I kept saying, ‘Just wait a bit longer. Please just keep trying and it will kick in’. And thankfully it did.

“So, they allowed him in and then he came in in his scrubs that were too big for him, which made me laugh. And his hat was on a bit tilted because he obviously rushed to get it on. And then it was just amazing when she came out.”

Gemma & Gorka: Life Behind The Lens airs on W Channel on August 30 at 8pm.

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