Grand Designs’ Kevin McCloud baffles fans by presenting show in his underpants

Grand Designs’ Kevin McCloud baffles fans by presenting show in his underpants


Grand Designs viewers were completely baffled when the show's presenter Kevin McCloud hosted in his underpants.

In Wednesday's (December 1) episode of the Channel 4 show, Kevin was presenting one of the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) House of the Year specials.

On the RIBA long list was floodplain design River House, House in Assynt in the Scottish wilderness, Hove House with its private courtyard, Out Farm, and the budget Simple House.

At the beginning of the show, Kevin is standing behind a sofa wearing a black suit jacket, white shirt, and bowtie.

"Stand by to be starstruck by the architectural A-list," he says.

"And the best thing is, you don't even have to get dressed."

Bizarrely, he then struts out from behind the sofa and reveals he is only wearing his underpants with the smart suit.

The intro music and title sequence then start like normal, leaving viewers rubbing their eyes and questioning if they'd seen what they thought they'd seen.

One baffled fan wrote on Twitter: "Cheeky intro #GrandDesigns."

A second person tweeted: "Am I the only one finding @Kevin_McCloud 's little act in the beginning of each block plain silly? I want to unsee his pants."

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Someone else commented: "I, for one, did not need to see Kevin in his pants for the House of the Year awards and I cannot unsee this."

The episode focused on house solving problems, and the pair that made it into the RIBA shortlist were revealed to be House in Assynt by the architect Mary Arnold-Forster and The Outfarm by TYPE Studio

House in Assynt was built in a remote, sometimes hostile part of northwestern Scotland and Mary designed it so it would blend seamlessly into the awe-inspiring landscape.

Meanwhile, the Outfarm has the difficult task of preserving an ancient and crumbling down barn that didn't even have a roof.

The finished home stunned architects and it joined the previous shortlist winners – including a house inspired by Thunderbirds.

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