Harry Potter’s Gregory Goyle unrecognisable as cage fighter 12 years after Hogwarts

Harry Potter’s Gregory Goyle unrecognisable as cage fighter 12 years after Hogwarts


Josh Herdman shot to fame as a fresh-faced 13 year old when he was cast in the first installment of the hugely popular Harry Potter series, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, back in 2001.

The star, who played Slytherin bad boy Gregory Goyle, then popped up in all of the sequels until the series came to an end in 2011.

Josh was originally considered for the role of Dudley Dursley, Harry’s gormless muggle cousin, before being cast as villainous sidekick Goyle.

Now 36, Josh is virtually unrecognisable and has embarked on a brand new and very different career.

The actor has had a few small parts since Harry Potter wrapped, and starred in the 2018 Robin Hood remake alongside the likes of Jamie Foxx and Taron Egerton, but has mostly focused his attention elsewhere.

He began his professional MMA career in 2016 after five years of diligently studying the craft.

The star made his professional debut in Romford, where he won against amateur fighter Janusz Walachowski.

Speaking after the fight, he shared his love for the sport: “It's raw, exciting and unpredictable. I find it more interesting than boxing although I appreciate the beauty and art in boxing.”

He added that it “made sense” to move into MMA because of his past Jiu-Jitsu training.

Josh returned to the spotlight in 2022 when he signed up to take part in The Games, a revival of a gameshow originally on Channel 4 that saw celebs go head to head in Olympic-style events.

It included weight-lifting, gymnastics and diving and was hosted by This Morning star Holly Willoughby.

Josh was joined on his series by the likes of former Love Islander Wes Nelson, who won the show, singer and football star Chelcee Grimes, and pop star Max George.

Although Josh was beaten by Wes and Chelcee, he finished in a respectable third place after putting on a pretty impressive show.

Chatting about his decision to take part, Josh said: “I like the challenge, I like learning new stuff, You’re being trained and taught by some of the top trainers in these sports.”

The Harry Potter actor, who worked with the likes of Tom Felton and Daniel Radcliffe on the franchise, added that he had “never been a strong runner or swimmer” so had a lot of work to do.

However, by the time the show wrapped, Josh said that he was feeling “fitter than ever” but that winner Wes was “the most athletic out of all of us”, so it was no surprise he cinched the win.

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