Holby City fans certain villain Cameron survived despite creepy morgue scene

Holby City fans certain villain Cameron survived despite creepy morgue scene


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Holby City fans were left rejoicing on Tuesday night, as villain Cameron Dunn seemed to have finally been killed off for good.

A roof collapsed on the soap baddie when his mum Bernie was trying to escort him out of the hospital and to safety after an explosion rocked the venue.

It comes shortly after Bernie returned to Holby after being presumed dead – meaning nothing is out of the question in Soapland.

The serial killer initially made his return after a prison stint, using his place in a stent trial to escape his confines and make a break for freedom.

But though Bernie later confirmed Cameron's death to the hospital staff – after breaking down in tears – and viewers caught a glimpse of his body lying on a slab in the morgue, fans aren't convinced he's gone for good.

Turning to Twitter, one fan begged: "Can we please check to make sure Cam is deffo dead this time please!"

Someone else echoed: "I wouldn't be surprised if Cam survived that… but hopefully not!"

"I don't think he's dead, I mean he faked it before never underestimate Cam!" another fan chimed in.

While a fourth penned: "I still don't think Cam is gone lol he'll have escaped with that scalpel somehow!"

It's far from the first time Cameron has 'died' on the show, as the villain had entered the hospital for the stent trial and went on to fake his death.

His heart stopped during tense scenes, with doctors pronouncing him dead shortly after.

But quick-witted Chloe did some snooping around, and soon established that the killer had managed to fake his own death and escape the hospital.

Cameron later crept back into the hospital and was spotted on CCTV.

One fan reckons the mother-and-son pair could soon be making a break for a foreign country to start new lives together – in spite of the eerie scenes which saw Bernie looking at her son's body in the morgue.

One fan posted to Twitter: "Anybody think mum and son will escape and run to Serina in Spain? #Holby."

Up until his tense 'death' scene, fans had been terrified that Cam was plotting to kill his mum with a stolen scalpel he'd scavenged – but were relieved when Bernie escaped the hospital unscathed.

Actor Nic Jackman has played Cameron since his first appearance in Holby City back in 2016 – and tonight's could have been his last ever episode.

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