Horrifying secret abuse ordeal revealed for Marshall in Emmerdale | The Sun

Horrifying secret abuse ordeal revealed for Marshall in Emmerdale | The Sun


MARSHALL Hamston has been living in fear of his homophobic father Colin.

Next week in Emmerdale, the councilman's abuse becomes clearer and Laurel Thomas' plan to help the lad could backfire.

Laurel (portrayed by Charlotte Bellamy) and her partner Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) decided to take young Marshall in after he was disowned by his father over his sexuality.

As viewers of the Yorkshire-based drama will remember, Marshall got closer to fellow Dales teen Arthur Thomas (Alfie Clarke), who he initially teased before warming up to him.

Arthur has been trying to be a prominent voice for the young LGBT+ community in the eponymous village and has had to face Colin Hamston's opposition.

But behind closed doors, his love interest Marshall has had to deal with much worse from his father.

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In scenes due to air next week on ITV, however, Colin (Mark Noble) tries to patch things up with his son, played by Max Fletcher.

Marshall shows Laurel and Jai gratitude but he's feeling defeated when he learns Hotten Academy refuses to take him back without his father's approval.

Against all odds, Colin agrees to Marshall returning to Hotten Academy but Lauren and Jai have a hunch this could only be in the hopes that his abusive behaviour remains a secret.

Determined to protect Marshall whatever it takes, Laurel and Jai discuss the ordeal in later scenes and the businessman admits he fears the impact of them taking the teen in on their family.

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Devastated, Marshall is listening in to their conversation – but will he interrupt the couple and say what's on his mind?

This remains to be seen but, the following day, Colin rocks up Mulberry Cottage with the intention of seeing Marshall.

Laurel and Jai still try to protect the youngster, unconvinced by Colin's apparent change of heart, and they only agree to let him see his son with the lad's explicit consent.

When Marshall accepts to talk to him, Colin opts for a caring approach and tries to convince him he's sorry for disowning him.


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Colin love-bombs and manipulates Marshall, declaring his love him and telling him to come home, leaving the teen shaken.

Later on, Marshall feels more confused than ever when his father continues his love-bombing with messages.

What will Marshall decide to do?

Could his stay with Laurel, Jai and Arthur have an impact on the whole family?

Emmerdale airs from Monday to Friday at 7.30pm on ITV.

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