How many episodes are in Loki on Disney Plus?

How many episodes are in Loki on Disney Plus?


Loki: Tom Hiddleston stars in dramatic teaser for series

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Loki is promising to give fans a different look at the long-running character. Tom Hiddleston is back in the role, playing not one, but multiple versions of the god of mischief. But how many episodes of the show will there be of the Disney Plus series?

How many episodes are in Loki?

Loki will consist of six episodes with the first episode airing June 9 on Disney Plus.

Each episode will air weekly on the streaming platform until the finale airs 

Marvel is remaining typically quiet on the details surrounding the series, with even the episode titles remaining unknown.

However, Marvel has released a trailer for the show, which gave fans some insight on what to expect ahead of next week’s launch.

In the trailer, Loki can be seen stealing the Tesseract during the events of Avengers: Endgame, taking him outside of time and space.

Yet, there are some people watching him with the anti-hero being quickly captured by the Time Variance Authority.

This is an organisation from the original comics, they monitor events across the multiverse and protect time and space.

Heading up the organisation in the trailer is Mobius M Mobius (played by Owen Wilson), who will serve as Loki’s colleague throughout the show.

From the trailer, it looks like Marvel wantSolider

However, Loki will travel to different realities and universes, and be confronted by different versions of himself.

Outside of this, the plot remains a mystery and both the cast and crew have remained tight-lipped on the series.

Hiddleston, Wilson, and Kevin Feige, the main producer behind the Marvel Cinematic Universe, all recently spoke with TV Insider about the series, giving fans a small glimpse of what is to come.

Feige said that the Loki and Mobius “will be one of the most popular pairings we’ve ever had at Marvel.”

Hiddleston added that Mobius holds “the highest academic honours in the studies of Loki.”

Finally, Wilson said: “It’s a little bit of a chess match to gain Loki’s trust, but in that shared endeavour, there’s an interesting dynamic.”

The two characters will be at the heart of the series, though it isn’t clear if they will be friends or foes throughout the show.

Fans have been sharing their excitement for the upcoming Marvel show, with many of them taking to Twitter show explain their thoughts.

One fan said: “Am I the only one who thinks Marvel didn’t have enough of Tom Hiddleston?”


A third added: “Look at this cutie #Loki our king is finally getting what he deserves.”

Loki will be available to watch exclusively on Disney Plus from June 9.

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