I'm A Celebrity 2020 latest – Shane Richie booted off show but keeps SILENT on AJ Pritchard feud as 3 make IAC final

I'm A Celebrity 2020 latest – Shane Richie booted off show but keeps SILENT on AJ Pritchard feud as 3 make IAC final


I'M A Celeb's Shane Richie has missed out on the final after he was voted off – but avoided talking about his 'feud' with AJ Pritchard.

The former EastEnders actor had some tense moments with the dancer during their time on the show, but it wasn't addressed during his exit chat with Ant and Dec.

Jordan North and Giovanna Fletcher are still hot favourites to win I'm A Celeb after the latest eviction.

They are joined in the final by Vernon Kay, who impressed viewers during the Celebrity Cyclone trial.

Giovanna is the last woman standing on the show, with many fans hoping that she'll go all the way to the top and name Queen of the Castle.

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  • Patrick Knox


    There are now just three campmates left on the show.

    So far nine people have been voted off the show, and they are:

    Ninth to leave – actor Shane Richie, 56

    Seventh and eighth to leave – AJ Pritchard, 26, and Mo Farah, 37

    Fifth and sixth to leave – Jessica Plummer, 28, and Russell Watson, 54

    Third and fourth to leave – Beverley Callard, 63, and Victoria Derbyshire, 52

    Second to leave – West End Star Ruthie Henshall, 53

    First to leave – Paralympian Hollie Arnold, 26

  • Patrick Knox


    The Sun exclusively revealed how Kiosk Cledwyn – who insiders said is named after the late, legendary local politician Cledwyn Hughes – will make his on-screen debut during the first week of the show.

    When celebs are rewarded with treats from the Kiosk for completing challenges, stern-faced Cledwyn only lets them have the items if their camp members answer a question right.

    On Thursday, November 26, Jordan had to answer Kiosk Cledwyn's multiple choice question – “What percentage of parents admitted to having a favourite child?”

    Jordan got the answer right with 10%, and so the celebs were rewarded with the jelly beans that Victoria and Hollie had won.

    A source told us: “ITV bosses are having a lot of fun with the tweaks being made to this year’s series, including the characters who’ve been on the show since it started in 2002.”

  • Jill Robinson


    The bookies predictions have been right so far with who will leave, so if that continues, Jordan will be crowned King of the Castle.

    I don't really mind who wins to be honest, I like all of them so would be happy either way!

    I'm signing off for the night now, but remember, this blog is updated regularly throughout the day so make sure to check back when you can for all the latest gossip from the castle ahead of the live final tomorrow night!

    I'll be with you again tomorrow to blog the whole thing, but until then, goodnight or Nos Da as they say in Wales.

  • Jill Robinson

    Well Celebrity Cyclone was everything I wanted it to be and more!

    I still can't get over Vernon sprinting up that course and managing to stay put despite being in the firing line of the first water drop!

    I'm looking forward to the final tomorrow, it's a decent top three in my opinion, they've all been popular in the camp and that's come across on screen.

    It was a shame to see Shane go as bosses certainly got their money's worth out of him with all the trials he has done, and he did provide plenty of on-screen entertainment with his fellow camp mates too.

    I think it's going to be between Giovanna and Jordan tomorrow, what do you guys think?

  • Jill Robinson


    Vernon's wife Tess Daly has also shared her joy at her spouse making it to tomorrow's final.

    Taking to her Instagram Stories tonight, she said: “He's in the final, I can't believe it, my heart is just racing!

    “I'm literally so excited and nervous and overwhelmed.

    “Thank you to everyone who voted for Vernon, see you in the final, yes!”

  • Jill Robinson


    Tom Fletcher, Giovanna's husband, has taken to Instagram to share this funny picture of his wife following the Celebrity Cyclone trial.

    Comparing her to Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games, he wrote in the caption: “The cyclone Instagram vs reality. 🙊😜 GO ON HONEY! Tom x”

  • Jill Robinson


    Shane might not have spoken about AJ during his exit chat, but his son Shane Jr did on Twitter.

    Last night, Shane who is Shane's son from his marriage to Coleen Nolan, said the former Strictly pro “winds him up” after he had a few tense exchanges with his dad over chores in the castle.

    Tonight after Shane was voted off, his son tweeted: “Ahhh thanks for voting everyone, he went further than I thought he would and he got to do the cyclone . Never been more proud imaceleb.”

    He then added with several crying laughing emojis a few minutes later: “Aj fans giving me s*** now that’s hilarious.”

  • Jill Robinson


    Shane Richie is “desperate” to return to EastEnders, fans have claimed.

    Viewers have taken to Twitter to accuse the 56-year-old actor of reviving his Walford alter ego Alfie Moon “every night” during his time on the ITV show before he was voted off this evening.

    Tonight's instalment kicked off with Shane once again putting together a fake EastEnders script for himself and sportsman Mo Farah.

    Following on from yesterday's activities, Shane reprised Alfie as he tried to teach 37-year-old Mo how to act as hard man Phil Mitchell.

    Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: “Shane needs to get over Alfie Moon.. you didn't bloody see Bev bloody acting as Liz McDonald.”

    Another agreed: “Shane must be proper skint and desperate to go back to EastEnders. Every damn episode he finds an excuse to talk about it.”

    Would any of you EastEnders fans out there like to see Alfie return?

  • Jill Robinson

    CREW members isolating after a Covid scare at the I’m A Celebrity castle are not being paid.

    Some of the show’s production team had to go into quarantine after taking a saliva-based test.

    ITV bigwigs enforced two weeks of isolation — despite several of the crew returning negative results in subsequent NHS nasal swab checks.

    The freelance staff were also not allowed to leave North Wales, where the show is being filmed.

    One angry crew member told The Sun: “I am a huge fan of the show and love Ant and Dec, but it’s been difficult to watch and laugh at the jokes knowing how much they’re getting paid, whilst I’m forced to self isolate, without pay.

    “While colleagues working for the BBC, on feature films and Netflix productions have been fully compensated for any Covid-related absence from work, that’s not what ITV are prepared to give any of their freelancers.”

    ITV say they are just following HMRC guidelines for freelance staff.

    A spokesman for the broadcaster said a strict “Covid management plan” had prevented an outbreak from forcing the show off-air.

  • Jill Robinson


    There are now just three campmates left on the show.

    So far nine people have been voted off the show, and they are

    • Ninth to leave – actor Shane Richie, 56
    • Seventh and eighth to leave – AJ Pritchard, 26, and Mo Farah, 37.
    • Fifth and sixth to leave – Jessica Plummer, 28, and Russell Watson, 54.
    • Third and fourth to leave – Beverley Callard, 63, and Victoria Derbyshire, 52.
    • Second to leave – West End Star Ruthie Henshall, 53.
    • First to leave – Paralympian Hollie Arnold, 26.


    Jordan North goes into the final as the favourite, heading the betting at odds of 5/6.

    Elsewhere, Giovanna Fletcher is just a 6/4 shot in the betting to be crowned Queen of the Jungle, with Vernon Kay being the 13/2 outsider.

    Alex Apati of Ladbrokes said: “Giovanna and Jordan are neck and neck in the betting as we strap ourselves in for what could be the closest ever I'm A Celeb final.”

    So to recap, with Shane gone, that means it's Jordan North, Giovanna Fletcher and Vernon Kay in tomorrow's final.

    Many viewers are sad to see Shane go, with one writing on Twitter: ” NOT SHANE?! HES SO FUNNY ILL MISS HIM SM.”

    Another tweeted: “Who the hell is voting on I’m a celeb ? Mo Farah gone. Shane has been the best contestant by a MILE!.. GONE.”

    A third agreed, writing: ” I am so upset Shane went out tonight he was a winner.”

    Shane failed to mention his 'feud' with AJ Pritchard during his exit chat with Ant and Dec.

    However, he did reveal he had a bad stomach for THREE DAYS after his horrible drinking trial with Jessica Plummer last week.

    Shane had to drink blended animal parts and told the hosts: “Three nights, one night I don't know if you caught me walking out…I don't know what time we get up on a morning.

    “We work out what time it is when you come in.

    “A couple of times after zinfannydel, I went to the Privy then back and then the next time it was daylight!”

    “My stomach was a mess for three days.”

    And people said the trials this year were easy eh?!

    Shane said: “So many things happened within three weeks.”

    He added it was “above and beyond” what he expected and added: “You've got to embrace it, there's no good trying to be on your own somewhere.”


    Shane Richie has been voted out, so turns out I did call it right!

    That means Jordan, Giovanna and Vernon are in the final three.

    • Jill Robinson


      Viewers are still astounded by how Vernon was able to practically walk on water during Celebrity Cyclone.

      One wrote on Twitter: “@vernonkayVernon on celebrity cyclon! Potential for a new superhero? “

      Another added: “Vernon the cyclone superhero! Come on, Vern.”

    • Jill Robinson

      Meanwhile, Ant and Dec aren't impressed by some of the Castle Coin Challenges the celebs have made this year.

      When one fan tweeted them about the celebs trying to get mince pies over a chocolate orange, Dec replied: “Don’t…..even….Some of their choices this year have been scandalous.”

    • Jill Robinson


      The campmates have reminisced about their time in camp.

      Jordan discussed not liking the ‘Viper Vault’ Trial and that he almost said 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here', while Giovanna said she didn’t like it when she didn’t get her treat from home.

      Shane said his worst trial was the drinking one, saying he had to “zone out”.

      Vernon said in the Telegraph of the whole experience: “It has been a special three weeks in camp – it has. It’s a period of time I will never, ever forget. It’s as simple as that.”

    • Jill Robinson


      After the Celebrity Cyclone Trial, Ant and Dec spoke about how much they enjoyed the trial.

      Dec added: “I like doing it in the dark!

      Ant replied just as cheekily: “Me too!”

      One viewer tweeted: ” I love doing it in the dark!” “So do I” lads please, don’t!”

    • Jill Robinson

      THEY DID IT!

      They got all four stars as they managed to make it back to their spots in time.

      However, Ant and Dec admitted they were relieved there was a second water dump to dislodge Vernon!

      On the way back to camp Shane joked he couldn't feel his testicles, which is not an image you really want after such a joyous task is it?!

    • Jill Robinson


      Now that has got to be the most impressive Celebrity Cyclone sprint ever from Vernon!

      What a guy! He literally sprinted up that course like it was nothing!

      He got to the final marker but just as he got there a dump of water, paint and balls lavished down on them.

      Surprisingly Vernon managed to keep his spot on his marker but all the other celebrities slipped back to the beginning.

      Then an unexpected second dump of water and balls hit our celebrities just when they thought they were safe which ensured all four of them slipped back to the start.

    • Jill Robinson


      It's happening!

      The fire jet started which signalled the start of the Trial.

      Up first was Giovanna who struggled to get to her marker as water, balls, wind and paint hit her.

      She kept falling over and slipping back but eventually she managed to do it.

      Next up was Shane who almost immediately was hit by balls and wind.

    • Jill Robinson

      DAMN ADS!!

      Dec revealed this was the 400th Trial in the history of I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! and so it was going to be even harder.

      Ant & Dec explained that the celebrities all had to get their yellow stars onto the markers and keep them there for the end of the Trial.

      But as the excitement built and the rain arrived….we've gone to a break!!! Grrrrr.

    • Jill Robinson

      I'm loving the new Knight themed costumes instead of the usual superhero ones for the Celebrity Cyclones.

      Also, I think Vernon wins with his Knight name…. “Sir Lanky Lot”. He is 6ft 5 after all.

      Shane is “I’m Sir Twice A Knight”, Giovanna got up and called herself “Lady Hugger” and Jordan revealed himself to be “Lord of the North”.

    • Jill Robinson


      After AJ and Mo left camp, Giovanna said: “Two people going home does leave a massive hole. It feels empty.

      “Mo had this amazing glint in his eye. He didn’t need to say much, there was just this look, this cheekiness, this naughtiness.

      “He’ll be massively missed. He has this gently sweet, energy that is simply beautiful.”

      The Olympian seems to have really won the hearts of his fellow celebs, and viewers. But at least he's been reunited with his beloved sticky toffee pudding!

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