I'm A Celebrity stars warned to avoid swearing or risk angering THREE ghosts living in castle

I'm A Celebrity stars warned to avoid swearing or risk angering THREE ghosts living in castle


WELCOME to I’m A Scare-lebrity 2020! The castle where this year’s series is taking place is home to THREE ghosts.

Contestants and producers have been told to “exorcise” caution and even avoid bad language because it might anger the spirits.

One of the ghouls is a floating countess, there is an Eastern European refugee and a mystery male spirit who moans about being cold.

Paranormal investigator Paul Rowland gave the spooky warning after he stayed the night at Gwrych Castle in North Wales, the 200-year-old setting for the new series.

He told The Sun on Sunday: “One of my concerns is that if the producers are disrespectful to the spirits in their Bushtucker trials, with ghost themes, then they are at greater risk of coming to harm.

“I hope the production team isn’t disrespectful to the spirit world.

"I’ve seen it on TV where they asked for things to be thrown and encouraged the spirits to act violently.

“The spirits also get angry if they use bad language.”

But some who have stayed at Gwrych Castle think the celebs should beware creepy noises, rather than creepy-crawlies.

Kiosk Kev was the scariest face seen by campmates in previous series in Australia — but he had nothing on this year’s ghosts.

Paul, 60, who runs the Paradox Paranormal investigations group, camped out in the eerie ruins and claims to have recorded the haunting wails with equipment he designed himself.

He said: “I have visited the castle several times.

"There has been previous castles, going back to the 12th Century, so para-normally that makes it very interesting.

"Because of the site’s past, there is a sense of spirits.

“But also there is a theory that the sandstone of the castle can hold or emit energy, and that has been linked for many years with ghost sightings.

“When we visited, there was no electricity in the castle, or for miles around, and there are a lot of dark nooks and ­crannies in those places.

“It can influence people but if you can get past your feelings and reach out to the spirit world, you can sense them.”

After the pandemic put paid to the hit ITV show — watched by ten million a night — being staged at its usual base in Oz, producers scrambled to build a new set in Wales — a country now undergoing a national 17-day lockdown.

The TV team has built a heated indoor camp area and a series of task rooms, and installed a rope bridge which the eventual king or queen of the castle will walk across.

It is all so unlike when Paul visited the castle with his colleagues.

He recalls: “It was abandoned, in a dangerous state of disrepair and some of it was boarded up.

"As we were walking around from location to location, there was a feeling of being watched, especially in the archways.

“I’d spin my head around but nothing would be there. I’d hear footsteps behind me or sense a presence. I felt we weren’t alone.

“It gets freezing there ­over-night — the castle is on a hillside overlooking the sea and if there is a wind it makes it even colder.”

Paul’s equipment picked up a loud scream. He said: “We were around the upper part of the castle. Our machine gave off a ten-second electronic scream and made a violent noise — in a stone archway, a gateway area.”

Later in the evening Paul’s colleague claimed to have ­captured a voice, supposedly of a man who was cold.

Celebs hoping to wear the usual I’m A Celeb camp get-up of shorts and T-shirts should take note.

Paul said: “There was a male voice ­saying, ‘Can’t, cold’, as if to say it was too difficult for him to come through.”

He also believes he encountered the ghost of Winifred, the Countess of Dundonald, a previous owner of Gwrych, who is famed for prowling the ruins.

The floating woman in white is said to be angry that her husband stripped the castle of its valuables.

Paul said: “My colleagues called out to the Duchess, ‘Are you happy with the renovations being made?’ And very quietly there is a yes — a specific response.”

But he thinks the strongest presence at the castle is that of younger spirits.

He said: “A female member of the team was using copper dowsing rods to call out to a spirit, to see if it could say its name — and the response was ‘Siska’.

“It sounds like a young child, with an Eastern ­European accent. Jewish refugee children boarded there during the Second World War. I strongly believe it’s one of those children.”

Yesterday The Sun revealed West End veteran Ruthie Henshall, 53, and Paralympian Hollie Arnold, 26, will feature in this year’s I’m A Celeb, after stars were pictured arriving at a secret pre-show photoshoot in London.

Other contestants will include BBC news host Victoria Derbyshire, 52, Strictly Come Dancing pro AJ Pritchard, 25, ex-Family Fortunes host Vernon Kay, 46, and East-Enders actress Jessica Plummer, 28.

But Paul had another warning for the celebrities: “I have seen people get into difficulties in haunted locations, break down and come out shaking. I saw one lady temporarily lose her ability to walk as she was overcome with fear.

“This could happen to the celebrities — it should be taken very seriously.”

He added: “The castle has been quiet for many years and then all of a sudden there is a large influx, with celebs and crew, and all the equipment.

“They’re re-energising the place, so there is a strong chance something will happen. The celebrities will all have mics and there is a huge chance of them picking up a sound on that equipment, so it should be carefully evaluated.

“It will scare some people, so I hope they’re careful. They could get the wrong kind of activity.”

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