‘I’ve never felt so exposed’ Dan Walkers details Strictly Come Dancing mishap on first day

‘I’ve never felt so exposed’ Dan Walkers details Strictly Come Dancing mishap on first day


Dan Walker says he’s felt” so exposed” at Strictly training

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Dan Walker admitted to fellow BBC Breakfast presenter Sally Nugent he felt “exposed” over his first day of Strictly Come Dancing training. The pair spoke about Dan’s return to the breakfast show and how he has been busy with his Strictly preparation when he detailed an incident which had occurred when bosses asked him to dance for them.

Sally began: “You’re back now, and you’ve had a really busy weekend.”

“I’ve had my day one of Strictly Come Dancing,” Dan explained, as Sally answered: “Oh, I’m so excited.”

“Which was um, have a look at this picture,” Dan said, with a picture of the host dressed in an all in one shirt and trouser combo shown on screen.

“That was day one. I never realised Sally that these things exist, I’ve never climbed into a shirt before that’s a shirt attached to pants, apparently that’s called shants.”

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Sally laughed at the photo, “You have to be careful how you say that!”

Dan went on to explain: “I’m quite a confident person, I feel very comfortable on TV I don’t really mind the panic of when things go wrong.”

“You don’t embarrass easily, which is good!” agreed Sally.

“On day one of Strictly training,” Dan continued. “You just sort of shoved into the full sparkles and sequins and then there’s the point at which they say ‘right there’s some music, just dance a bit’.

 “And I was like hold on a minute, your gonna teach me how to do this, I never felt so exposed in my entire life.”

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