James Bond director confirms SPOILER is dead after brutal No Time To Die ending

James Bond director confirms SPOILER is dead after brutal No Time To Die ending


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WARNING: This article contains full spoilers for No Time To Die.

The latest James Bond adventure was full of thrills and unexpected turns, but perhaps the most shocking moment of No Time To Die came at the very end. Disaster struck 007 just before he defeated Safin when he was injected with a DNA-tagging virus that would kill his lover, Madeleine Swann, and their daughter Mathilde. With no options left, Daniel Craig’s Bond let the missiles falling on the island kill him. 

Considering 007 has, historically, found a way out of everything, some fans have theorised that the super-spy actually got away somehow at the last minute. 

Director Fukunaga has confirmed this is not how the ending really went. 

He revealed: “I wasn’t trying to be obtuse with it. I wanted to be clear with it. But I wanted it to be tasteful. We didn’t want that shot in Terminator 2 where you see Sarah Connor turning into bones.

“But we wanted to show that he wasn’t going to jump down a sewer at the last second. So that wider shot of the island being pummelled was a mixture of macro and micro.” (Via Empire)

Fukunaga added: “The full effect is: ‘Yes, he’s gone, but he succeeded in making sure none of that weapons would go on into the future.'” Bond’s death is immensely sad for the franchise, as he has never been bested before in the history of the franchise. He has always, somehow, someway, found a way to defeat the bad guys and ride off into the sunset. Craig was instrumental in subverting the expectations of the series, Fukunaga explained. He said: “In my first meeting with Daniel and the producers, they said that’s how they wanted the story.”

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Craig and the Bond bosses “felt that was an ending,” Fukunaga said.

He went on: “I was like: ‘Well, it’s a result of an ending, but we don’t know what happens. It has to be earned.'”

With the help of his writers – Neal Purvis and Robert Wade – Fukunaga worked on creating the perfect ending to Craig’s five-movie run as Bond.

The director added how he “tied [Bond’s demise] into the central theme of the story” by making him succeed in his mission as well as succeeding in saving the important women in his life – but he couldn’t have it all.

But it sounds like Bond could still come back in the future – according to one of the writers, anyway.

Wade, one of the writers, recently spoke out on bringing Craig back as 007 in the future – and the clue to his revival come directly from the British actor’s first movie.

He said on the James Bond Podcast: “I think the clues are clearly there in Casino Royale, when [Vesper] says: ‘I love you, even if all that was left of you was your little finger.’

“That’s my theory. That’s all that’s left of [Bond] and then they clone him from that little finger.”

After Craig, James Bond’s future is a complete mystery.

A massive amount of actors are currently in the running to play the international man of mystery, but nothing official has been announced just yet.

But our bets are on The Witcher star Henry Cavill donning the tuxedo. And, with 6/1 odds from Ladbrokes, his chances are good.

James Bond No Time To Die is still in some cinemas and is also available on digital home rental.


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