Janet Street Porter calls Piers Morgan ‘pudgy’ as he slates Liz Hurley over snap

Janet Street Porter calls Piers Morgan ‘pudgy’ as he slates Liz Hurley over snap


Loose Women featured a segment about model Liz Hurley’s, 55, latest topless snap in the snow at her home yesterday.

Good Morning Britain presenter Piers Morgan had criticised the actress for asking her son Damian to take the photo for her, which featured the brunette bombshell topless underneath a long thick woolly coat and wearing a pair of skimpy bikini knickers.

Liz grinned and left little to the imagination as the garment draped over her ample bosom.

On today’s GMB, Piers criticised the star's choice of photographer as “thirsty” and “creepy” and demanded Liz “put clothes on”.

Angry about Piers' comments but seemingly misunderstanding that he wasn't actually criticising the movie star for her body in the picture, Janet raged: “Coming from Piers Morgan – body shaming – I mean I’ve seen the Burger King picture he posted. If that’s Piers’ torso I’m a banana.”

“I’m familiar with Piers’ pudgy torso,” the presenter added scathingly, before going on to say Liz should be able to do what she wants.

While it seemed Janet had mistaken what Piers had been criticising about the picture – as he was actually just making a comment on Liz asking Damian for assistance – panellist Ruth Langsford referred to the issue in question.

“I don’t find it creepy [that Liz asked Damian to snap the pic], her son’s a model, they’re obviously very close,” she said, before joking that if she asked her own son Jack to do the same he would run a mile.

The group, which also included Linda Robson, seemed to find the whole conversation hilarious as Janet later noted: “She could always wear a couple of crumpets.”

“A Belgian bun,” Linda snickered, before Ruth shut finally shut things down.

“I think we should move on before this conversation deteriorates,” the This Morning presenter laughed, as the programme went to adverts.

Taking to Twitter following the segment, viewers agreed Piers hadn't body-shamed Piers and had just been commenting on Damian taking the photo.

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One fan insisted: “@piersmorgan is NOT body shaming anyone he simply pointed out that an 18 year old son taking photographs of his mother is creepy which is entirely my reaction #LooseWomen.”

Also during today’s programme, James Argent, Arg, appeared to discuss his weight struggles during the pandemic, sharing how facing lockdown alone has caused his size to balloon and enhanced his food addiction.

“I found myself bored, isolated, and lonely and I think that’s why I’ve turned to food, for comfort,” he told the Loose Women. “I don’t have a girlfriend to live with, I don’t share. I live alone I don’t live with my family.

“I feel like once I’ve got my weight sorted the sky’s the limit for me,” the star added. “I know once I tackle this I’ve got a real positive future ahead of me.”

Loose Women airs weekdays at 12.30pm on ITV.

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