Jill Duggar confesses she's kept her breast milk in the freezer for the last TWO years & her kids now ask to try it

Jill Duggar confesses she's kept her breast milk in the freezer for the last TWO years & her kids now ask to try it


JILL Duggar revealed she's kept a bottle of her "liquid gold" breastmilk in her freezer two years after her kids finished breastfeeding – but has now let them have one final taste.

The Counting On star, 30, took to her Instagram page to detail how she'd let son Sam, aged three, try some of the milk after he'd specifically asked.

After she defrosted the final bottle, the mom of two then fed the rest to the family dog.

Jill uploaded a snap showing the pooch licking the milk from their silver bowl with the words: "I’ve had my last teeny bottle of breast milk in the freezer for nearly a couple years now (both my boys stopped breastfeeding around 2 years old and Sam is almost 4 now!). I know I know…it’s probably a freezer-burnt nutrition-less substance now…

"Well, Sam randomly asked to try it recently and it didn’t look or smell bad when I thawed it out so I let him try it.

"As expected, he didn’t like it after trying a couple sips.

"Needless to say, now all 3 of my children have now had breast milk

"Anyone else feel sentimental about their “liquid gold”?

"Whoever coined the phrase, “no use crying over spilled milk” certainly never pumped!"

Perhaps anticipating a backlash for the snap, Jill, who is married to Derick Dillard, added: "Also, before any of you jump on me for feeding it to the dog, she’s fine. She’s totally fine.

"I wouldn’t have given it to her if I thought it would make her sick. So just chill mkay?!"

Fans were quick to support Jill's fighting talk, with one writing: "This! Dogs eat poo and who knows what else… I wouldn't worry if someone gets on you for giving it to your dog! He's your baby too!"

Another posted: "Awe bless.. that is so sweet and precious."

A third then put: "Also way to go for being you and being fantastic and telling people who love to be negative to chill. You are most definitely an inspiration keep on shining your beautiful self."

One then posted: "It’s frozen milk. It’s not the worst thing the dog will ever eat (it would be a miracle if it was!)."

A fan of the former reality TV star then added: "Go mama!!"

Jill has often defied the strict rules followed by her father Jim Bob Duggar and the 19 Kids And Counting family.

She was recently spotted flashing her legs in a mini dress in a new social media snap.

Jill's new duds may surprise viewers because of her father and his stringent rules for their Christian lifestyle.

Duggar women are not allowed to show their legs or dress in a revealing manner.

They also cannot wear pants.

Meanwhile last month, Jill's brother Josh was arrested and then granted bail after "possessing 65 images of child porn."

Despite his release, the TLC star has restricted travel, as he cannot leave Benton, Washington, and Madison counties in Arkansas without permission from the court.

Josh's wife Anna is six months pregnant with their seventh child, and he has been required to live away from the family as he is not allowed to be around minor children.

The oldest Duggar child has "unlimited access" to his six children with Anna present, though can no longer spend time around his siblings, nieces and nephews.

This week, Jill told fans 'trust your gut' in a cryptic message posted after his arrest.

Jill, who has told of her mental and physical stress during the past few weeks, posted an inspiring message about having "moments of doubt" in an Instagram Story. 

The post stated: "Trust your gut. Hug your dog. And eat a donut."

The mom of two also gave a shoutout to her husband Derick, 34, on National Donut Day.

Jill jokingly said: "I know you'll be finding the free ones."

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