Kate Lawler reveals secret Love Island feud & lifts the lid on sharing bed with Hollyoaks star on celeb series of show

Kate Lawler reveals secret Love Island feud & lifts the lid on sharing bed with Hollyoaks star on celeb series of show


KATE Lawler has dished the dirt about her time on the celebrity version of Love Island.

The 41-year-old Virgin Radio star clarified rumours about her snogging Hollyoaks star Lee Otway and that model Sophie Anderton originally didn't want her on the show.

Sitting on her sofa with fiancé Martin as the pair prepared to watch the current ITV2 series, she took to her Instagram stories to talk about her time on Celebrity Love Island in 2006.

"Who knew I appeared in one of two celebrity Love Islands back in the day?" she asked her followers via a poll.

Then she shared a promo shot of herself in a bikini leaning up against a palm tree from then.

"I can't remember the year, but there I am," she said pointing to the image which she shared behind her on a green screen effect.

Martin helped his baby mumma by "looking her up" and confirming she was on the show in 2006.

The new mum then shared a pic of Lady Victoria Hervey, Sophie Anderton and Bianca Gascoigne, who also starred in the reality series with her.

"She [Sophie] apparently had it written in her contract that I wasn't allowed to go on Love Island," Kate explained.

"They edited it really cleverly. They showed a boat coming in, with all the islanders like 'Omg, someone new's coming to the island – I wonder who it could be?' and someone said 'It might be Kate Lawler?'

"Sophie then said 'No, it wouldn't be Kate Lawler because I've had it written into my contract that it's not allowed to be her' and then they cut directly to me waving on the boat."

Despite the awkward edit, Sophie and Kate would go on to become good friends during the filming.

Kate then cleared up rumours surrounding her and Hollyoaks' Lee Otway who played David 'Bombhead' Burke on the Channel 4 soap.

"And can we just address the Lee Otway rumours of me snogging him?" she said in front of a green screen pic of the actor.

"Lee Otway and I did not play tonsil tennis in Love Island in 2006, alright?"

Martin then piped up off-camera, joking and asking her "are you sure about that?".

"I gave him a little peck on the lips and that was that. It was a friendly peck on the lips," Kate added.

"He smoked and I remember saying 'You've got fag breath!'

"We shared a bed in Love Island because we were mates and all we did was laugh at Brendan from Strictly Come Dancing."

Kate has been recently dishing up a lot of dirt about her time on reality series.

She became the first female winner of won Big Brother in 2003 – and opened up about a X-rated trick she did on the show.

Kate explained her and beau Spencer Smith were like "ninjas" in their subtlety between the sheets – and even carried out a dull conversation while it was going on to throw bosses off.

Speaking on pal Matt Richardson's When No-one's Watching podcast she boasted: "We got up to something under the covers which they never got on camera."

She told him: "When you’re in Big Brother you’re being filmed 24/7 and the Big Brother crew are like: 'We’ll get everything.'

"The producers are like: 'We’ll get everything on camera. We don’t ever miss… because you’re being filmed from multiple angles all the time.'

"So we just laid in bed and had a really dull conversation and it was just… it was so funny because both of us knew what was happening."

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