Kim Kardashian shows off her curves in a bikini after going on a 'long walk' by herself after Kanye West divorce

Kim Kardashian shows off her curves in a bikini after going on a 'long walk' by herself after Kanye West divorce


KIM Kardashian took some time to herself over the Easter weekend to clear her head before her upcoming divorce battle with Kanye West.

The Keeping Up With The Kardashian's star shared with fans her solitary moment, where she took the time to work out alone and go for a wander.

Kim walked through a nearby field and golf course near where the Kardashian brood stayed for Easter.

"Sometimes you need a good long walk by yourself," the reality star told her 213 million followers.

Kim, 40, took to Instagram today to flaunt her famous body while enjoying a peaceful day with her children after her solo hike.

She has been enjoying the sunshine beach and pool side with her sister Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner.

"Life’s a beach!" Kim wrote alongside an overhead shot of her soaking up the rays with close friend Stephanie Shepherd Suganami.

She showed off her amazing body in the latte coloured bikini and continued to remain outwardly unbothered despite a number of divorce proceedings that lay ahead.

It was previously revealed that divorce wasn't the busy mom's first choice, as she hoped that filing would shock Kanye enough and he would make an effort to win her back.

Her plan backfired when Kanye "basically rolled his eyes" over the news, so the ex-couple will continue to move forward towards closure.

A source told The Sun: "Kim loves Kanye and her plan to turn things around by filing for divorce has backfired.

"She had visions of the news breaking and Kanye would in turn have a reality check, yet instead he basically rolled his eyes.

"Filing for divorce was incredibly difficult for Kim. She felt this huge gesture and move on her part would make Kanye turn his life around, but unfortunately, it hasn't."

The source continued: "So now Kim and Kanye are in a standoff over the next move. Those closest to them say neither of them is willing to give an inch.

"Kanye wants to live his life on his terms and at this point is ok with whatever happens now. He will not bend to Kim's wishes, he just isn't willing.

"Kanye seems to have had very little reaction to Kim filing for divorce. In fact, he's just focusing on work and his new music."

The insider also explained how Kim's sexy posts have been a cry for attention as nothing else has seemed to do the trick.

The source said: "Kris's push to help fix the marriage also had no bearing on Kanye and in fact possibly made things worse.

"The stress has been unbelievably difficult and it's even been hard for her to eat. As always Kim looks amazing and has been posting many beautiful shots on social media to get his attention but it's had no effect.

"Every day she's waited for a sign, something that would mean 'I'm sorry' or 'I'm willing to change.'

"Instead, Kim's finally beginning to feel it doesn't matter what she says, or how beautiful she is, or what an incredible mother she is, Kanye isn't willing to change and her plan has definitely failed."

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