Liberty Poole says there is nothing between her and Hugo after intimate chat

Liberty Poole says there is nothing between her and Hugo after intimate chat


Liberty Poole has finally opened up about the ‘secret’ chat she had with fellow Love Island star Hugo Hammond.

Liberty, who was coupled up with Jake Cornish since the start of the show, was said to have had an ‘intimate chat’ with Hugo as she ‘explored her options’.

While Jake was busy pulling Millie Court for a chat after the bombshell first entered the villa, Hugo admitted to Closer magazine that he had a chat with Lib at the same time.

Hugo told the publication: "When I got back I spoke to my family and I said, 'Oh did you see that Lib pulled me for a chat when Jake had a chat with Mills?' and I don't think it was shown, but me and Lib had a chat."

As fellow islander Lucinda Strafford asked: "She was exploring her options, wasn’t she?", Hugo replied: "Yeah, I think so."

But, speaking in a candid Instagram Q&A, Liberty has insisted there was no romantic chemistry between them.

The blonde beauty was asked: "I heard about that secret chat with Hugo, was there anything there?"

And she responded: "This ’intimate chat’, it was literally just me and Hugo sat down. I was like, ‘What do you do?’"

Lib explained Hugo returned the question to her, adding: "Blah blah blah. It was very much just friends, there was no sexual chemistry there between us.

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"I love Hugo as a mate, but that’s all the chat was," she confessed.

Lib added the caption: "All love for Hugo, but we are just friends."

But another fan was keen to press Lib on who she would have coupled up with if not for her existing partnership, asking: "Who would you have liked to have got to know if it wasn’t Jake?"

Lib responded: "This is such a good question. I think because I was so, like, tunnel vision for Jake from the start, I sort of shut myself off to everyone else because me and Jake just got on so well.

"So it’s hard to say but I think definitely someone with a bubbly personality and someone who likes deep chats!"

Another fan wondered: "Do you regret spending all your time in the villa with Jake?"

The former islander said: "Once I’m into someone, I’m all for them. That’s just the way I work.

"And although we had our downs, I also learned so much about myself, so I feel like everything happened the way it was meant to, and I was meant to go through that."

Hugo, however, seemed to imply there could have been more between him and Lib, posting a viral TikTok which saw him listening to Adele’s track Rolling in the Deep and walking to the window.

Hugo wrote: "When Lib pulls you for chats after Jakey wanted to get to know Millie but the show didn’t air it to protect ‘Jiberty’ and now this happens" – referencing the pair quitting the villa just days before the final.

"Imagine what could have been!" Hugo captioned the video.

But he added in the comments that he fully supported Jiberty, writing: "FYI, this was the day after Cinda and Millie came in, literally over a month ago!

"Relax, no-one’s getting digged out. Jakey’s my boy and Lib is class."

Hugo elaborated: "Both Lib and Jake are genuine – I have no idea why it fizzled out. I wasn’t there so I can’t really comment.

"Looking forward to seeing them both soon!"

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