Line of Duty fans livid as Netflix pulls all five series THIS WEEK with no explanation

Line of Duty fans livid as Netflix pulls all five series THIS WEEK with no explanation


LINE OF DUTY viewers have been left livid as Netflix pulls all five series THIS WEEK with no explanation.

Fans have been bingeing the first lot of the crime drama in preparation of the sixth season but will have to get their skates on to finish the lot as they’re set to go on Saturday, October 31.

However, all is not lost as Line of Duty season one to five are still available to watch on BBC iPlayer.

But that doesn’t make the pain any less difficult to handle, especially given the many hardships we’ve all experienced this year. 

And fans of the show quickly rushed to Twitter to share their disappointment.

One wrote: “Just found out #LineofDuty is being taken off @netflix”

“Why @netflix, why!? Why would you do this to us! #lineofduty,” pleaded another.

And a third declared: “Well that’s 2020 completely ruined then – thanks a lot Netflix #lineofduty”.

Line Of Duty has proven to be one of the most popular shows on the BBC and fans were thrilled to find out it had been confirmed for a sixth series, due to arrive in 2021.

Viewers are desperate to find out what goes down when series six hits our screens – but the wait might be longer than expected due to lockdown.

Filming for series six began in Belfast, Northern Ireland, in February 2020, as Martin Compston confirmed on his Instagram page.

Vicky McClure, Compston and Adrian Dunbar were pictured reunited ahead of series six.

However, the coronavirus pandemic halted filming when the UK went into lockdown in March 2020.

There was talk that the filming may be completely overhauled, but it was confirmed that the cast returned to Belfast to continue filming in October 2020.

To the delight of fans, Vicky McClure and Martin Compston have been posting footage of themselves goofing around on set.

Creator Jed Mercurio revealed plans for season six filming to finish “before Christmas” in order to guarantee a 2021 release.

Mercurio spoke more about the fate of the series during a Royal Television Society talk.

It has been confirmed that the three main characters will certainly be returning in season six, as they have been spotted on set already.

We can also expect the series to consist of six one-hour episodes on BBC One.

Season five left us reeling as it was revealed there were FOUR top corrupt coppers – Gill Biggeloe, ACC Hilton and DI "Dot" Cottan, with the final member remaining at large.

AC-12 chief Ted Hastings was exonerated – although given a warning – at the end of season five, as it was revealed that he wasn't the mysterious H.

But series creator Jed Mercurio doesn't seem to rule out the possibility of Ted being the final "dot".

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