Lizzo admits she refuses to wear deodorant and 'smells better' because of it

Lizzo admits she refuses to wear deodorant and 'smells better' because of it


LIZZO has admitted she refuses to wear deodorant – and smells "better" because of ditching it.

The Juice songstress, 33, opened up on her bodily hygiene on her Instagram Stories.

It came in response to a confession from Hollywood star Matthew McConaughey that he too foregoes the aerosol.

Lizzo wrote: "Ok… I’m w him on this one.

"I stopped using deodorant and I smell BETTER."

Dallas Buyers Club actor Matthew, 51, told People Magazine in 2005 he hadn't worn deodorant "in 20 years."

Meanwhile his Tropic Thunder co-star Yvette Nicole Brown told the publication "He smells like granola and good living. He has a sweet, sweet scent.

"That is just him, and it’s not musty or crazy."


The musician has also been focussing on her nutrition and posed in a thong to celebrate six months on a vegan diet.

Lizzo, who is a well known advocate for body positivity, shared a short video on Tik Tok to mark the half year anniversary of her vegan journey.

The clip started off with a footage of her at the start "of quarantine making what looks like a stale donut poundcake milkshake type concoction."

She explained: "This was after a whirlwind tour and year.

"And after being seven years vegetarian, going back to eating all animal products."

I stopped using deodorant and I smell BETTER."

The video then cut to a more recent Lizzo "making a vegan protein shake."

As she continued to talk over the video footage, the songstress continued: "Honestly, I am both of these women, and I cannot condemn one woman or the other.

"I'm happy both ways, and right now, this is what's bringing me joy."

In conclusion Lizzo added as she posed in a sleek wig and the sheer bodysuit: "And you know what? I'm still that happy girl, loving myself, and loving my body.

"Love yourself at all stages in your life, because you are who you are."


Lizzo has always used her social media accounts and her music to encourage people to accept themselves.

Yet the Detroit-born rapper was recently left in tears on an Instagram Live as she opened up about the fat-phobic and racist abuse she has suffered in the wake of her new music videos Rumors.

The Grammy-winning star went onto Instagram Live to discuss the vitriolic commentary surrounding the video, which features rapper Cardi B.

The performer said that the influx of abuse towards her looks was "hurtful" and added that she feels the positive energy she puts out isn't reciprocated.

Using a tissue to wipe away her tears, the Juice hitmaker began: "There are people that have something mean to say about you and for the most part it doesn’t hurt my feelings, I don’t care.

"I just think when I’m working this hard, my tolerance gets lower. My patience is lower, I’m more sensitive and it gets to me.

Adding: "I’m seeing negativity directed towards me in the most weirdest way. People say s**t about me that just doesn’t even make sense."


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