Lorraine Kelly blasts Coronavirus stockpiling after confronting shopper

Lorraine Kelly blasts Coronavirus stockpiling after confronting shopper


Lorraine Kelly was left confused at the weekend during her supermarket shop, as she witnessed stockpiling first-hand amid Coronavirus fears.

Cases of the virus in the UK have risen to at least 280, with three confirmed deaths.

Panic buying across the country has sparked divided comments, as many are left unable to purchase necessary products because stock is low or completely sold out.

Supermarkets are said to be considering rationing products to stop customers overbuying certain things including toilet roll, antibacterial hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes.

Lorraine revealed she spotted shoppers stockpiling toilet roll on Saturday, amid supermarket shelves being cleared.

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Calling the situation "nuts", the Lorraine host admitted she found herself confronting one customer after seeing the amount of toilet tissue in their trolley.

Unable to understand why people were stocking up on the product more than anything else, she decided to quiz one customer over their decision.

She said on the show on Monday: "Oh, it's nuts isn't it. At the weekend, on Saturday even, I was in my local Tesco – other supermarkets are available.

"There was somebody loading up with the bog roll. I actually just said, you know what I'm like, I said 'Can I ask why are you doing that?'."

Lorraine said the customer's response was "well everyone else is doing it", leading to her being even more confused.

She went on: "I was like, 'well that's probably not a good reason to be doing it. Do you actually need all this?' Seriously."

Dr Hilary Jones confessed it was more the fear of quarantine that was leading to the panic buying of things that might not be needed.

Seeing others stocking up only encourages others to do the same, he said.

Lorraine went on: "People were fighting over bog roll, come on guys get a grip.

"I'm not panicking and I'm not buying toilet roll. Keep calm and carry on, it'll be alight, we'll be fine."

Lorraine airs weekdays at 9am on ITV.

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