Love Island 2022 news – Furious fans vow to 'protect Ekin-Su at all costs' after 'toxic' Davide argument | The Sun

Love Island 2022 news – Furious fans vow to 'protect Ekin-Su at all costs' after 'toxic' Davide argument | The Sun


LOVE Island fans are worried about Ekin-Su after noticing a major difference in her personality after being accused of being a "liar" multiple times by partner Davide.

During last nights latest instalment of the dating show, fans noticed Ekin-Su seemed quiet after having another row with Davide.

After a clip was shown of Ekin-Su in bed with Casa Amor's George, sharing a flirty exchange and telling him they would only be "just friends" Davide believes there is more to it.

“He doesn’t know how I feel,” she cried to Luca.

Luca defended his friend Davide, saying he was just scared of getting hurt.

Ekin replied: "Yeah, but so am I… He doesn’t trust me and I’m just like, why am I the one always apologising?”

Fans are finding it painful to watch, one said: "Watching ekin su become quieter and less like herself as the weeks go on is so upsetting #loveisland."

Another wrote: "how DARE they bully ekin su for something she didn't do when all the boys did worse?? #loveisland."

A third said: "Love Island letting this Ekin/George thing fester is so disrespectful and misogynistic.

"The reason she wanted to keep it to herself was because people were going to assume the worst, which they did #LoveIsland."

"Laura Whitmore encouraging the aftersun panel to speak about the Ekin and George situation yet we say one negative word about her presenting and its all be kind? End this show now. #loveisland #TALKSWITHASH," fumed another.

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  • Lauren Lomas

    Casa Amor Islander SLAMS Adam Collard as 'NASTY', revealing personal connection

    Newcastle bombshell Jazmine Nichol has spoken out about her less than positive experience with Adam Collard.

    Speaking on Love Island commentator Murad Murali's podcast, she called her fellow Geordie out for being "disrespectful".

    She spilt major tea, admitting Adam is her ex boyfriend's best mate.

    Shockingly, she told Murad: "When I was 19 with my first boyfriend, and [Adam] was 24 at the time.

    "He used to use my age against us and be like 'you can do so much better than Jaz. She's not that fit, she's not that funny, she doesn't bring anything to the table,' slating me at my young age."

    Jaz continued: "He kind of like, put us in a box and it was just really nasty and I didn't like it at all. He's just not a very respectful man."

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  • Lauren Lomas

    Shocking Casa Amor scenes that were HIDDEN from viewers

    Casa Amor bombshell, Jazmin, revealed she had a screaming match with one girl over one of the OG boys…

    Jazmin Nichol, made an appearance on Love Island commentator Murad Murali's podcast, and dropped a major bomb on these two contestants.

    The Newcastle babe told Murad that she actually had an instant connection with Andrew, telling him "I thought I was leaving Love Island with a boyfriend."

    She alleged that Andrew and her talked futures and even meeting each other's families.

    Once she opened up to the girls, she told Coco that she was cracking on with Andrew.

    However, Coco ended up taking Andrew to the terrace and smooching him behind Jazmin's back, who was raging.

    She said to Murad: "I was shouting at Coco, 'I'm a girls girl through and through,' so if you disrespect me when I've let you in, it's kind of like, why did you say I could trust you."

    It is not yet known why these scenes weren't aired to viewers.

  • Lauren Lomas

    Jacques ALREADY knew Cheyanne before Love Island

    The rugby player has opened up about his relationship with the Casa Amor bombshell, admitting he had a crush on her.

    He told The Sun: "Cheyanne is a lovely girl, I already knew her from when I was 19."

    "I found out while I was chatting to her that nothing was going to come close to what I had with Paige.

    "But from the moment I kissed her in bed I felt the worst I've ever felt in my life."

  • Lauren Lomas

    Women's aid to hold talks with Love Island bosses after boys display 'misogynistic' behaviour

    The dating show has been slammed by fans for allowing "controlling" behaviour.

    Viewers will recall Luca's recent meltdown over footage of Gemma chatting to Billy, which sent him into a rage.

    Meanwhile, Ekin-Su has been reduced to tears as Davide continually calls her a "liar" and Dami shouting at Summer, calling her "fake" despite leading her on.

    Not to mention the way the boys have treated Tasha throughout the majority of the season.

    Teresa Parker, head of communications and media relations at Women's Aid, told the Metro: "We are talking to ITV, and they have shared with us information on their inclusion training, but what appears to be missing is specific information on abusive relationships and an understanding of controlling behaviour in relationships."

  • henry moore

    Body language expert claims Luca’s ‘lack of boundaries’ will ‘sabotage’ romance with Gemma

    Fans were left fuming last night, as Luca lost his temper at Gemma, 19, simply for speaking to another guy in Casa Amor, and body language expert Vanessa Moss believes his lack of boundaries will destroy their relationship.

    She told The Sun: “He’s all for the boys cheating and supporting that behaviour, but he doesn’t like it if he thinks it’s happening to him.

    “He’s not taking accountability for his own behaviour. He’s not even aware of his own behaviour.”

    “At the moment he’s not in a relationship with Gemma so there’s no security, so he’s angry, upset and blaming others,” she said.

    Adding: “He needs to put boundaries in place. He can’t support a certain behaviour and then retaliate when he thinks that behaviour is happening to him.”

    She believes Luca is unable to “enjoy the present moment” as he’s “leading with past experiences.”

    Vanessa continued: “Most people will have a standard in a relationship where you stay faithful to your partner and expect the same in return. Luca’s standard is ‘the boys can go and cheat and I support that, but don’t do anything like that to me.’”

  • henry moore

    Dami cheated with two girls PER NIGHT in Casa Amor, Chyna claims

    The former Love Island hopeful did not hold back as she accused Dublin lad Dami of cracking on with multiple girls per day in Casa Amor.

    Fans, and Dami’s partner Indiyah, were left shocked as they saw Dami initiate a three-way kiss with Chyna and Summer Botwe.

    Speaking on last night’s Aftersun, Chyna said: “Well, it happened a few nights, it wasn’t just the one.

    “It was pretty much most nights. We’d just do a three-way kiss and then…”

    “Say goodnight?” host Laura Whitmore chipped in.

    Chyna answered: “Yeah, it was just a good night!”

  • henry moore

    Producers need to ‘save’ Gemma from Luca, radio star claims

    Emma Kennedy, of Radio 4 fame, has called for Love Island’s producers to “step in” after Luca Bish turned his anger on partner Gemma Owen last night.

    This comes after Luca massively over reacted to a clip of Gemma chatting with fellow Islander Billy.

    After watching the clip during the show’s Movie Madness challenger, Luca, 23, said to the boys: “I’m telling you now, I don’t even want to speak to her.

    “I’m f*****g fuming. I am not going fing near that bird mate. Bring me a f*****g bird in, watch me then flirt.

    “Trust me when I say, if she wants to play it down to me I will f***ing explode. I can’t be with someone like that, sorry.”

    Many thought this reaction was toxic, not least Kennedy who took to Twitter and said: “Dear God. I hope the Producers are ready to step in and look after Gemma.

    “This is really disturbing stuff from Luca. And all the boys are encouraging it. #loveisland”

  • henry moore

    Snog, Marry, Pie is back

    Movie Night sent shockwaves through the villa, and things are set to heat up even more tonight as Snog, Marry, Pie returns.

    Fans have been eager for the return of this iconic game, where each Islander has to choose who they would like to kiss, who they would marry and then who they will smother in a cream pie. 

    After last night’s drama, most of the show’s couples are on the rocks, and things could get even worse tonight.

    A source said: “Snog, Marry, Pie is a Love Island classic and always throws up some drama. Firstly it’s a chance for the Islanders to snog someone they haven’t had chance to yet – which is always juicy. 

    “But secondly the game offers the chance to throw a pie on someone that has annoyed you. In the wake of Movie Night there’s bound to be some drama.”

  • henry moore

    Fans think they have ‘worked out’ why two Islanders hate each other

    Fans of the hit reality TV show think they have sussed why Luca Bish appears to hate Tasha Ghouri.

    On yesterday’s Movie Night episode, Luca seemed intent on upsetting Tasha, and fans think they know why.

    “Luca hates Tasha because she chose Andrew over him in the first couple of days. That’s why he keeps putting her down and trying to split up Andrew & Tasha #LoveIsland,” one pointed out on Twitter.

    A second said: “Are we all forgetting Luca had a thing for Tasha in the beginning?!?! Truly think he resents her because she picked Andrew over him, just look how he’s treating Gemma for billy breathing in her direction #loveisland.”

    A third added: “someone needs to take Luca down about twenty pegs. arrogant, aggressive, unreflective, cruel. he is basically bullying Tasha, and shouts down anyone who challenges him. scary man who should not be on TV any more.”

  • henry moore

    Jay Younger joins GMB in first post-villa role

    Andi Peters introduced the hit show’s bombshell and asked whether Paige Thorne would be interested in GMB host Ed Balls.

    The former Islander appeared live in Brighton to give viewers advice on what to do if they win the show’s £80,000 prize.

    The financial advisor-turned-reality star said: “Invest it in stocks and shares. You could pay off your mortgage, but you could make ten times more by investing it right.”

  • henry moore

    Who is left on Love Island?

    The Love Island contestants left in the villa are as follows:

    • Adam Collard
    • Luca Bish
    • Gemma Owen
    • Ekin-Su Cülcüloğlu
    • Davide Sanclimenti
    • Tasha Ghouri
    • Andrew Le Page
    • Dami Hope
    • Indiyah Polack
    • Paige Thorne
    • Danica Taylor
    • Coco Lodge
    • Billy Brown
    • Summer Botwe
    • Deji Adeniyi

    Jacques reveals which former islanders have reached out to him since he quit the show

    Jacques quit the show in emotional scenes last week, and has spoken of his struggles since leaving the villa.

    But the former rugby ace has claimed that a slew of ex-islanders have offered their support.

    He said: “A lot of past islanders have messaged me.

    “It started with Liam Reardon, Faye Winter, they messaged me first, they explained what it would be like on the outside.

    “I really appreciated that so much.

    “After that I spoke to Kem Cetinay on the phone, after that I had Jake Cornish and Brad McClelland.

    “I’ve been really overwhelmed by the fair few of have messaged and had my back – Scott Thomas, from series two, has been a good help as well.
    “They’ve said I should be proud of myself, but I know deep down I’ve got things to work on as well.”

    Fans fume as they claim Islander is being ‘bullied’ by the boys

    Love Island viewers raged last night, as the boys targeted Tasha Ghouri with a slew of mocking statements, as she was forced to watch her boyfriend, Andrew Le Page, crack on with girls in Casa Amor.

    One of the clips showed Luca egging on the lads to crack on with bombshells while their partners were in Casa Amor.

    He said to Andrew, “Tasha who?” after the estate agent showed his interest in Coco Lodge.

    And last night, Luca continued to mock Tasha, and fans aren’t having it.

    One viewer wrote on Twitter: “My heart actually hurts for Tasha bro she’s literally getting bullied by the boys.”

    Another said: “I do think @LoveIslandproducers need to pull the boys aside and caution them on the way they speak to the ladies! It’s disturbing to watch! Now that Jacques is gone, we are now seeing how horrible they actually are! Especially towards Tasha and Ekin Su #LoveIsland.”

    A third said: “They bullied Tasha all season and they literally won’t stop.”

    Salon is open

    Fans are celebrating now Danica has got the pick of the bunch.

    Did you hear what happened at bedtime between Billy and Danica?

    Now Deji wants to fight for his queen.

    It's all go.

    Fans think Ekin-Su will DUMP Davide in tonight’s episode

    Movie night has sent shockwaves throughout the villa, and brought even the most stable couples to the brink of break ups.

    And now, fans think that Ekin-Su and Davide could be over, after the Turkish bombshell declared she was ‘done’ with her partner in a preview.

    “Ekin-Su said she’s done with Davide so bad b***h Ekin is BACK,” one wrote, as a second added: “PLEASE be done for real, I beg you.”

    While a third said: “Davide and Ekin-Su were fun for a minute but Ekin needs to stand up and DUMP his ass.”

    • Sarah Tetteh

      Tash to win

      LOVE Island viewers have found themselves doing a dramatic U-turn after Andrew Le Page was seen having a furious row with Luca Bish and Dami Hope.

      Andrew, 27, almost burst into tears following the epic showdown with his best pals over girlfriend Tasha Ghouri, 23.

    • Sarah Tetteh

      Salon is open

      Fans are celebrating now Danica has got the pick of the bunch.

      Did you hear what happened at bedtime between Billy and Danica?

      Now Deji wants to fight for his queen.

      It's all go.

    • Sarah Tetteh

      Salon is open

      Fans are celebrating now Danica has got the pick of the bunch.

      Did you hear what happened at bedtime between Billy and Danica?

      Now Deji wants to fight for his queen.

      It's all go.

    • Sarah Tetteh


      Snog, Marry and Avoid time.

      Fans can hardly wait.

      Well, We'll have to wait till after the break, ey.

    • Sarah Tetteh

      Bish bash bosh

      Fans are not feeling Luca right now after accusing him of 'gaslighting?'

      One Tweeted: "Get Luca out."

    • Sarah Tetteh

      Deji makes his moves on Danica

      Go-on girl.

      Fans are rooting for her – even though she does sound like she's giving him a job interview… Ha.

    • Sarah Tetteh

      People pleaser

      Well, that's a put-down and a half.

      Do you hear Andrew, very politely going in on Andrew?

    • Sarah Tetteh


      Can you feel the tension brewing?

      Tasha and Andrew are sooooo coming after Luca.

      Did anyone say… fireworks.

    • Sarah Tetteh

      Tasha's sooo gonna cry

      Do you see how everyone is choosing her in this game saying she's fake?

    • Sarah Tetteh

      Movie night fall out

      Fans are not impressed with Luca's reaction to Gemma, erm, chatting to Billy in Movie night clips.

      One Tweeted: "Gemma's scene was absolutely nothing and Luca is crying throwing up sliding down the wall when he was laughing at everyone else.#LoveIsland"

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