Love Island fans fear Liberty has QUIT the villa as she storms out after dumping Jake

Love Island fans fear Liberty has QUIT the villa as she storms out after dumping Jake


LOVE Island fans fear Liberty has QUIT the villa as she storms out after dumping Jake.

The 21-year-old is seen in tears tonight as she flees the house after deciding to break up with the water engineer.

A new trailer has confirmed Liberty ends her relationship with boyfriend Jake and prompted a wave of tweets about the Brummie student's future.

One fan said: "prediction for tonight – liberty walks (removing the mic pack like amy did when she left) "

Another said Liberty was going to quit just like Amy Hart did in the 2019 series after Curtis Pritchard broke her heart, writing: "I KNEW LIB WAS GONNA BE IN HER AMY ERA I JUST KNEW IT 💔"

Meanwhile, former Love Islander Amy has commented on the saga and told Daily Star: "I know how she's feeling and it's hard when you're in there because there's no escape.

"But when she took her mic off and walked out, that's like a big thing."

Giving Liberty some friendly advice, Amy added: "She's only got a few days left, don't let a man win and don't let a man ruin your time.

"You're not going to get another day in that villa and I know better than anyone – as much as I don't regret leaving and knowing I'll never go back there – I would say, just make the most of the end of it with your friends."

I've just got to be true to myself…

Tonight viewers will see Liberty chased by a shocked Faye Winter with the pair left sobbing as she opens her heart about her failing relationship.

Finding her outside the villa's walls crying, Faye tells her: "What's gone on?"

Nando's waitress Liberty tells her: "I've just got to be true to myself. I can't do this."

Shocked and breaking into tears herself, 26-year-old Faye says: "What?"

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Liberty explains: "If I'm giving something 100 per cent energy and I'm not getting it in return then I'd rather walk out of here, Faye, with my head held high.

"I'd know I'd stayed true to myself the whole way through."

Devon estate agent Faye told her sternly: "You have stayed true to yourself and that's why you're staying here, because you have."

She replies: "I don't want to stay in the villa with someone who doesn't love me or like me. I don't want to be fake to myself and do that.

Faye, who just one night earlier told her "We're not friends", wraps her arms about her staying: "Lib, we love you."

Earlier in a special preview released by ITV, fans say Jake and Liberty sharing an awkward moment after taking a selfie.

When she says she likes a pictures of them together where he says his eyes are shut, the water engineer tells her: "It's all about you, isn't it?

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"It's all about you innit? It's fine, everything's about you, you, you."

She tells him: "No. I thought you looked nice. I just don't feel confident."

He replies with a laugh: "What you talking about you don't feel confident? Huh?"

Liberty tells him: "I'm just saying you look nice in those photos. You look fit in those pictures."

The action then cuts to her making a hasty exit from the villa as Faye calls after her: "You OK babe? Do you want me?"

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