Love Island fans left confused over what’s supposed to be "most diverse" lineup

Love Island fans left confused over what’s supposed to be "most diverse" lineup


Love Island viewers have been left confused by the lack of diversity on the 2021 dating show's lineup.

The first episode aired on Monday and the new hot singles have all been coupled up, but fans are still questioning the producer's choice of contestants.

After promising to focus on a bigger variety of contestants, fans felt let down by the lack of body diversity.

Bosses of the big show had previously promised that viewers would see the "most diverse" cast ever this year, but as the show started a whole hoard of fans took to social media to debate their point.

The main thing the avid watchers were complaining about was the lack of curvier body types and many of them took to Twitter to point out the programme's flaw.

One fan said: "I thought it was meant to be diverse this year!?!"

Another tweeted: "I thought they said we was having an diverse cast with all shapes and sizes umn."

A third viewer commented: "This is the least diverse cast I’ve ever seen lmao."

A fourth said: "Pls I thought this year was supposed to be inclusive of all body types."

And another said: "Not much body-type diversity then. #LoveIsland Surprise surprise."

But that's not all viewers had to speak about with memes flying around everywhere after 18 months of anticipation.

Other things that cropped up online were about the show's first disabled contestant, Hugo Hammond, being coined Mr Nice Guy and fans cringing about the lack of interest the girls had in him.

The girls Sharon, Shannon, Liberty, Faye and Kaz all chatted about who their type was and what they were hoping for from their summer of love and stated the P.E teacher was far from it.

Other things viewers cringed about were self-declared foot fetish lover Jake Cornish getting a little too trigger happy when Toby sucked Kaz's toe for a dare and started filming the scene.

With fans knowing just how feet-obsessed he is, they were horrified to think about him watching back the footage later on.

Other viewers just were buzzing to have the ITV2 dating show back on their screens, after a long time off due to the pandemic and Covid restrictions.

One fan said: "I’m at the point in my life where I’m more excited for love island than I am Christmas this year."

While another commented: "So excited Love Island is back! Summer is here!"

And a third responded: "Did not think that I could be even more excited for #LoveIsland than usual but here we are."

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