Love Islands Amber Gill defends Michael Owens daughter after backlash over rude comment

Love Islands Amber Gill defends Michael Owens daughter after backlash over rude comment


Previous Love Island winner Amber Gill has jumped to the defence of Gemma Owen after she faced online backlash over a "rude" comment to a fellow contestant.

New Islander Gemma, who is the daughter of footballing legend Michael Owen, entered the Love Island villa on Monday 6 June's episode as the new series launched on ITV2.

Although she definitely turned heads with her stunning look, viewers were quick to call her ‘rude’ after she criticised 23 year old Luca Bish’s last name.

She said: “I feel like that’s a bit of an unfortunate last name… Bish?”, to which the fellow contestants looked at her in shock.

Gemma went on to think more about Luca’s name, before confirming: “Nah. Not feeling it.”

Many branded the teenager "rude" following her comments, including ex Islander Shaughna Phillips.

One Twitter user said: “As if Gemma said that Luca’s surname is unfortunate! That’s so f**king rude oh my god.”

Another agreed: “Gemma was actually so rude for no reason."

But Love Island alumni Amber Gill stood up for the 19 year old.

The reality star, 24, asked her followers to "cut Gemma a break" over the comment, referring to a moment on her season in 2019 when Amber received backlash herself for saying that she did not like partner Callum Macleod’s sunglasses.

Amber tweeted: “Let's cut Gemma a break because you all thought I was a bitch for saying a man didn't suit sunglasses when he didn't!!!!!”

Amber is no stranger to backlash as she revealed she received hate from the internet and was also branded as "rude" because of her comment to fellow Islander Callum.

Her friend Martin Tweedy, who was running her social media accounts while she was in the villa, previously told the Metrothat Amber received death threats and abuse because of her remark.

He said: “That’s where all these death threats and things stemmed from.

“I was thinking, 'How can you send someone a death threat?' All she said is he doesn’t suit his sunglasses.”‘

Some fans agreed with Amber defending Gemma. One wrote: “facts give her time”.

Another said: “This is what I’m saying! She’s making it hard for me to root for her rn but I’m sticking by her idc”.

“She’s young as well she’s gonna be outspoken and loud”, a viewer agreed.

One user was confused about why people have called the teenager rude: “I actually really like Gemma. Everyone’s saying she’s rude? Where?”

“I don’t think Gemma is intentionally being rude,” another wrote, “But she’s acting more defensive than flirty which makes her seem mega immature”.

Viewers are also struggling to wrap their heads around Gemma’s age. At just 19, she is the youngest contestant so far on the show.

But some were quick to point out that other contestants have also been that same age when appearing on Love Island in the past.

Molly-Mae Hague was also 19 years old when she appeared on the ITV2 series in 2019.

Love Island continues every night at 9pm on ITV2.

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