Love Island’s Anna Vakili spills show secrets from toilet camera to phone rules

Love Island’s Anna Vakili spills show secrets from toilet camera to phone rules


Love Island star Anna Vakili hasn't held back on dishing some of the most wondered about villa secrets which have left fans scratching their heads all series.

The Daily Star columnist opened up during a Facebook Live chat about the behind-the-scenes conundrums, including the camera set-up in the loo and how Islanders know they're getting a text before they receive one.

Speaking to Daily Star reporter Carly Hacon, Anna confided that contestants are even filmed when they're using the toilet, for "safety reasons".

Speaking about Jake's epic strop, when he headed into the toilet for a bit of alone time, Anna said: "That toilet – even when I saw it, I was like 'oh my God!' because they never show it.

"That is probably the most disgusting toilet, by the way. That's the toilet the boys use and it's just gross. We would all go all the way upstairs just to avoid that toilet, and when you do go, it's just horrible."

Anna explained that there are only two bathrooms in the villa, "one upstairs and one downstairs, that's it."

"When the guys go and do a sh** in there the whole place stinks, it's horrible. Basically, it was getting so dirty upstairs that we said to the boys, you can only use the downstairs one, and I'm pretty sure I've heard [this series' Islanders] do that as well," Anna added.

But if the Islanders fancy a bit of alone time, they aren't guaranteed to get it in the toilet.

"There is a camera in there, so literally as you're sitting on the toilet there's a camera right in front of you. You can't go in the toilet more than one person at a time, either.

"You've got a microphone and a camera, but apparently they don't watch you – it's for safety purposes," Anna elaborated.

And though it may look spontaneous when the Islanders receive a text, Anna said they're aware in advance that something is about to happen.

"Whenever someone's gonna get a text or anything… those phones, you hardly use them, because the only people you can talk to are the people in the villa.

"So nobody really has their phone with them or cares about their phone. It's really annoying because if the producers want to send you a text, you're never with your phone.

"So what they do is they come around when you're chilling on the day bed, they'll slide your phone next to you, so you kind of know you're gonna get a text before you get a text."

But Anna says the producers don't stick around all day, to avoid accidentally getting caught on camera.

"They're always there but they don't just walk around – they pop in and out, because they don't want to be in the background of a camera scene if something really big happens.

"So they'll pop in and out whenever they need to throughout the day."

Anna also explained that while finalists get to keep their phones from the villa, with all their pictures and videos stored on them, they're the only ones.

"I didn't get any of the pictures," she confessed. "I remember me and Amber [Gill] and Yewande [Biala] making so many funny videos and taking so many pictures, and they're all just gone.

"So I didn't get any of my pictures, but the people in the final they got to keep their phones."

The Islanders tend to charge their phone overnight, rather than keeping them beside their beds, Anna explained.

"Everyone just leaves their phones, we don't carry them. At the end of the night, the producers are like, 'can you go and put your phone on charge?' So one person will take everyone's phone and put it on charge."

Anna also admitted there's a secret entrance to the villa for the producers to slip in and out more easily.

"There's not a secret kitchen, but that little door [in the kitchen], that leads to an outside bit where you can go and speak to the producers and stuff. Like a little cupboard where they keep all the drinks and snacks, but it's also a point of entry for the producers."

Asked if the contestants are allowed to wander outside the villa, she said: "You're not meant to, but at the end of the day you're free to do what you want. We're not in jail.

"But in there, you can just wanna break free, because you're stuck in that place and it can make you react in strange ways."

She added: "The door is open a lot of the time from what I remember, but no-one walks out or anything. It's just open because they trust that no-one's gonna walk out."

Love Island continues tonight at 9pm on ITV2 and ITVHub.

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