Love Island’s Ella confirms how she met Tyrique before show with cheeky line

Love Island’s Ella confirms how she met Tyrique before show with cheeky line

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    Love Island's Ella Thomas was hit with an incredibly awkward moment on her first day after being paired up with someone she knew.

    However, after telling Tyrique they had met before, he confessed he didn't remember.

    Although a conversation afterwards seemed to clear up the confusion as Ella revealed she was blonde when they had met mere months earlier, fans still didn't know what history the duo shared.

    Ella had told the hunk "as if you don't remember", suggesting there was some flirtation going on between the pair – and now she seems to have confirmed that theory.

    On Saturday night's [June 10] episode of Love Island Unseen Bits, Iain Stirling had asked the islanders to share their best chat up lines.

    While Tyrique claimed he doesn't use them, Ella later debunked that statement in the Beach Hut.

    She said: "When I first met Ty I was wearing an E necklace and he said if I guess your name right can I have your number."

    Love Island fans were thrilled to hear that information was finally being spilled about the pair meeting.

    One user wrote: "Ella spilling Ty's tea!"

    While another said: "Ella really remembers her meeting with Ty down."

    It comes after fans were left wanting to know more following their conversation on the first day.

    Ella was briefly put off Tyrique when he said he didn't remember meeting her, telling him: "I feel like you're pretending you don't remember, that just tells me how many girls you meet."

    But the hiccup hasn't been enough to put them off each other permanently and the duo seem to be one of the strongest couples in the villa.

    Ella picked to couple up with Tyrique in the dramatic recoupling on Friday night as their romance continues to heat up.

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