Love Island's Millie and Liam 'won't last' because they are 'boring and it's based on sex', say fans

Love Island's Millie and Liam 'won't last' because they are 'boring and it's based on sex', say fans


LOVE Island fans have claimed that Millie and Liam's romance won't go the distance because it's "boring and based on sex."

The 22-year-old hunk celebrated his birthday with a fancy dinner date with his Essex gal, 24, ahead of Monday's final.

Liam wasted no time in taking the opportunity to gush over his partner, and even promised to move closer to where she lives in Essex to make the romance work.

While sparks appear to be flying for the duo, some viewers are less than impressed and have declared them "boring."

Others claimed the couple has little in common other than "sex" and that their romance won't last.

Taking to Twitter, one fan wrote: "Millie and Liam are so boring and definitely won’t last on the outside."

Another chimed: "Liam and Millie have nothing in common apart from sex," while another said: "No matter how much sexual attraction Millie and Liam have, they’re so bloody boring."

Others went further, with one viewer declaring: "Liam and Millie look very cute and hot together but they are so boring. Last night at Kaz’s date with Tyler I was actually engaged in what they were saying because they were talking about things of substance, future plans, meeting family, distance logistics."

"Am I the only one that never rated Millie and Liam as a couple? She seems like she'll put up with anything to stay with him and his attraction to her seemed to be based mostly on her talking about sex all the time in the beginning. They're better off apart," another fan said.

Liam appeared to be absolutely smitten with Millie during their candlelit dinner and even shared some heartfelt compliments.

"But there is something I want to tell you. When you first came to the Villa I fell in love with your smile, I love seeing you smile," he swooned.

"Then I fell in love with your piercing blue eyes, I could look into them all day. And then your laugh, I could listen to you laugh all day….." the hunk told the delighted Essex beauty.

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