Love Island’s Zara sparks uproar as fans slam ‘hypocritical’ move

Love Island’s Zara sparks uproar as fans slam ‘hypocritical’ move


Love Island First Look: Zara and Olivia clash over Tom

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During the latest episode of the popular ITV dating show, viewers saw Zara Lackenby-Brown have a flirty conversation with Shaq Muhammed who is currently coupled up with Tanya Manhenga. However, after the drama that unfolded last week, fans have been left less than impressed by the 25-year-old’s actions.

The blonde bombshell has caused quite a stir since entering the villa as a late arrival as she made the bold move to pick Ron Hall to go on a date with.

Although that quickly fizzled out with the model setting her sights on Tom Clare and decided to “steal” him from his original partner Olivia Hawkins during a recoupling.

Things got heated between the two girls in recent episodes when Zara was left furious at Olivia for flirting with Tom as she asked the ring girl to approach her first in the future.

However, during Tuesday’s episode, Zara’s head looked as though it was turning as she had a conversation with Shaq on the day beds.

With the chat getting quite flirty, Zara revealed she was willing to explore something with him, despite being in a couple with Tom.

After her conversation, viewers were left outraged at the 25-year-old with many branding the Love Islander a hypocrite for not speaking to Shaq’s partner Tanya like she had asked Olivia to do.

Taking to Twitter, Pxo_xox commented: “Zara is doing the same thing that Olivia did to her. She’s such a hypocrite”

Subtomepls1 added: “So Zara is basically a hypocrite because why was she giving all that vim to Olivia, only for her to turn around and go chat to the man of the only girl in the villa who’s showed her the slightest bit of support #LoveIslandUK”

Hughes_kinsey said: “Zara was getting mad at Olivia for talking to Tom but she’s basically doing the same w Tanya and Shaq #loveisland”

Twitter user Darcey_Bennett_ swiped: “Hmm so Zara has made her move on Shaq…it’s definitely starting to look like Zara isn’t a girls girl!! WE WERE ROOTING FOR YOU ZARA!!!”

Thorslvr added: “Zara is a hypocrite how do you want Liv to talk to you cause she’s in a couple with tom but doesn’t give the same grace to Tanya?? #loveisland”

Onequentaa simply said: “Zara’s a hypocrite”

During the episode, it looked as though Shaq’s partner Tanya also wasn’t impressed with their conversation as she opened up to Anna-May Robey.

Speaking to her friend, Tanya confessed that Shaq was starting to annoy her as she saw Zara and her partner have a chat.

The 25-year-old revealed to Shaq that she’d be willing to explore something new with him as it’s still early with Tom.

She said: “I’ll be real with you, Tom is obviously ticking pretty much every box for me but it’s early still, I haven’t even spoken to you properly, it would be nice to explore.”

Although Shaq seemed to be content with his couple, he admitted he felt the same and would also be willing to know her more.

Following her bold move, he said: ‘If you are actually interested in someone you owe it yourself to get to know them, you don’t know what it could be on the outside.

“On the outside, you would be someone that I would go for so I do want to explore that to see the vibes.”

Love Island continues weekdays on ITV and ITVX from 9pm.

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