Lucifer season 6: Amenadiel and Maze to get together as fans tip reunion Good together

Lucifer season 6: Amenadiel and Maze to get together as fans tip reunion Good together


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With the final season of Lucifer approaching, fans are curious if the popular Netflix series will head in a different direction regarding the characters’ love lives. Some fans have tipped that Amenadiel (played by DB Woodside) and Maze (Lesley-Ann Brandt) will be the latest couple to get together. But how will this affect her relationship with Eve (Inbar Lavi)?

The extremely popular supernatural comedy-drama series has got fans talking ever since that shocking season five finale.

As fans patiently wait for the new season, speculation is rife about the fates of viewers’ favourite characters, including Amenadiel and Maze.

One fan commented on the pair on Reddit: “I can’t be the only one who wanted to see more of them.

“What they had was real and I really wish we got to see more of it,” they continued.

“Maze looked like she was actually in love for the first and we hadn’t seen this until Eve came along,” the fan explained.

“I’m just saying we should’ve seen more of the two.”

The angel and devil were previously a couple but split up when they both became interested in other people.

Amenadiel is currently in a relationship with Linda (Rachel Harris) and the pair are raising their half-human, half-angel baby, together.

Maze also has a complicated love life and she has been dating Eve since season four.

However, she was heartbroken when Eve decided to leave Los Angeles to go on a discovery of self-discovery.

The pair rekindled their relationship when Eve made an unexpected return in the second half of season five, but will it last?

If Maze and Amenadiel do decide to get together, it won’t be easy as Amenadiel is tied to Linda and Maze is still trying to get things back on track with Eve.

While season six spoilers are being heavily guarded, actor Brandt has teased what may be in store.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Brandt teased ahead of season five, part two: “As you guys all know, Eve does eventually come back and there’s all kinds of drama.

“I think [Maze], at the end of the season, she makes a decision that is the best for her, but she goes through that breakup, hurt, trying other things,” she added.

Brandt also confirmed that Maze and Amenadiel would be spending a lot of time together in season six.

The actress said: “There are great scenes with DB [Woodside] and I think that storyline with Amenadiel, you’re not sure like are they ex-hookups or friends or where are they at, you know?”

The confusion around their relationship is sure to make the situation between them all the more complicated, especially if Eve reenters the picture.

But one question remains, will Eve stay with Maze, or will she move on?

Whether or not the Amenadiel and Maze rekindle their romance, season six looks set to fulfil Brandt’s promise for a hell of a lot of drama with some surprises in store.

Some fans agree that the two getting together would be interesting but prefer them as friends, with one noting: “I like the Maze and Eve relationship. Her and Amendial were good but glad they are friends.”

Another replied: “I really liked their relationship too, but agree that it was a little more interesting of a storyline for Linda to take on that role.”

Lucifer season six, part one debuts on September 10 on Netflix.

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