Lucifer season 6: Netflix series could continue as fans predict major Chloe cliffhanger

Lucifer season 6: Netflix series could continue as fans predict major Chloe cliffhanger


Streaming fans have been enraptured by the fourth season of Lucifer, with Netflix soon releasing the fifth and potentially final season that originally broadcast on Fox. However, an ongoing deal could mean the announcement of a sixth season very soon.

Production is currently underway for season five of the hit fantasy drama, with its star Tom Ellis predicted to stay with the show into the future.

According to entertainment outlet TVLine, Tom’s contract has been officially extended to allow for production of a new season.

The ball is now in Netflix’s court, with showrunners of the series Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson reportedly staying on too if the streaming platform is willing to produce more episodes.

A sixth season hasn’t been officially announced, unfortunately, and fans may have to be patient.


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Netflix does not reveal ratings for their original series but did report their fourth season of Lucifer as a hit.

They may be waiting to see how the fifth season performs before giving the go ahead for a sixth.

However, with each episode of the previous three seasons pulling in millions of viewers every week, Lucifans appear to be remaining loyal to their favourite Biblical procedural.

Some viewers have taken to social media to predict how the fifth season could naturally lead into the sixth.

With Tom’s contract only just negotiated, showrunners for the series will have been writing and producing the fifth season unaware a new season could be just around the corner.

Therefore, fans are looking to the complex relationship between Lucifer and Chloe Decker (played by Lauren German) for answers.

Reddit user COLLIEy_redit_now proposed: “So we all know how Chloe was put in Lucifer’s way but in season 3 God said he wanted what was best for Lucifer. I think because she makes him ‘vulnerable’ I think it makes him mortal temporarily.”

Chloe’s presence on the show is always welcomed, but she has the unfortunate side effect of reducing Lucifer’s devilish powers.

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Many fans have been speculating her effects could lead to Lucifer becoming mortal, meaning they can finally start spending the rest of their lives together as humans.

Lucifer reclaiming his throne in Hell at the end of the fourth season definitely complicates things, but this fan are is more optimistic they’ll be able to make it work.

The fan suggested Lucifer and Chloe could be having a child by the end of the fifth season, a major twist that would lead into season six.

Another viewer agreed and commented: “With how Self-Actualization works, it’s totally possible for Lucifer to get Chloe pregnant.


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“In order to make a season six a thing at all they may need to add a scene at the end where Chloe discovers she is pregnant, and have Season six be focused around that.”

With the fifth season currently filming episodes intended to be the series’ last, fans could expect to see a brief teaser at the end of the finale hinting at more revelations to come.

Fingers are crossed that Netflix will respond positively to the newly signed contracts and commission a thrilling sixth season of the acclaimed series.

Lucifer season 4 is streaming on Netflix now.

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