Lucifer season 6: Will Tom Ellis return for new series? Has he said yes?

Lucifer season 6: Will Tom Ellis return for new series? Has he said yes?


Lucifer season six could still go ahead, despite Netflix announcing season five would be the “fifth and final season” back in June 2019. The online streaming had stepped in to save the show after Fox cancelled the drama after three seasons – and now looks like it may be coming to the rescue of Lucifer fans once again.

Will Tom Ellis return for Lucifer season 6?

In February 2020, Deadline reported Netflix was in talks with Lucifer producers Warner Bros TV about continuing the supernatural drama for a sixth series.

Deadline reported executive producers Ildy Modrovich and Joe Henderson would need to make a new deal but “would like to do another season.”

Now, TV Line claims co-showrunners Modrovich and Henderson have “closed new deals to remain at the helm” of the sixth series if it is given the green light.

However, the show’s leading man Tom Ellis has not yet signed a deal to return for the sixth series.

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Lucifer fans should not lose hope, as it is believed negotiations between Ellis and Warner Bros TV are ongoing. will update this article when more information is available.

Ellis was one of the most vocal supporters for Lucifer to be saved after Fox cancelled the show after three seasons, so it would not be totally unsurprising if he did return for a sixth series.

At the time of the cancellation he tweeted: “Are we mourning? Or are we Morningstar?

“I can not tell you how blown away I am by the whole #SaveLucifer thing. Thank you.

“It means so much to me and everyone involved on the show. Night night. I’m knackered. Let’s keep talking.”

However, he has remained mute about the show returning for a sixth series so far.

When the news was announced that season five would be the last, Ellis said it ha been “an utter privilege” to play Lucifer Morningstar.

Posting on Instagram, he said: “I took this selfie on March 17th 2015 just before leaving my trailer to shoot the first scene on the pilot episode of #Lucifer.

“I was really nervous and at that moment I couldn’t have dreamed that we would get to where we are now…

“I have had the most Amazing ride making life long friends and playing a character that I truly Love.

“It has been an utter privilege. More importantly, I want to say YOU the fans have been the cherry on the cake of this whole journey.

“You will forever be precious to me and I cannot thank you enough for your passion, support and kindness for the past 4 and half years.

“Here’s to a Rocking season 5 and going out on a high!!!!!!! #Lucifer”

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Only Lauren German and DB Woodside have broken their silence about Lucifer season six, with German calling for Lucifer fans to make their voices heard back in June 2019.

She tweeted: “Lucifans if you want a season five or more let it be heard.

“We love that you love #Lucifer your support on social media is cherished and important.

“And it’s only a season five… I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. We won’t let you down. But if you want more let everyone know.”

DB Woodside has been the only cast member to react to the recent news that Lucifer would be returning for a sixth series.

He retweeted the Deadline news story about Lucifer season six alongside a gif of his character smiling.


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He also teased that Lucifer fans could be rewarded with “something” in the future, if they voted for Lucifer to be their favourite show on a Twitter poll by @WhatsonNetflix, sending fans into meltdown.

He tweeted: “It’s Lucifer. But must we really pick between our children? I love Stranger Things.

“But it’s Lucifer. #Lucifans please go vote & tell them how you feel. You might be rewarded with… something. @LuciferNetflix.”

At the moment, things are looking pretty promising for Lucifer’s future.

According to the data from Parrot Analytics, Lucifer season four was among the most in-demand streaming original shows in the US after it premiered in May 2019.

For months, fans have been campaigning on Twitter for Lucifer to return for a sixth series, with the hashtag #LuciferSeason6 and #SaveLucifer and it may have worked.

Many have taken to Twitter to say they will support Ellis’ decision whatever it may be.

One fan tweeted: “Look, I’m really confident that Tom, WB and Netflix will come to a deal and we’ll get #LuciferSeason6 with him in it.

“I’m pretty sure they’re in the dotting i’s and crossing t’s phase but if for some reason talks fall apart, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES will I ever blame/ hate Tom.”

A second fan said: “I love @tomellis17 as #Lucifer but I love him more each decision is fine for me.

“I’d love to see him in new projects as well as in #LuciferSeason6 of course but more important is, that he will be happy at the end privately & professionally – let us be surprised #TomEllis.”

A third fan commented: “No matter if there’ll be #LuciferSeason6 or not, I’m grateful for every #Lucifer episode we have, every BTS the cast & crew shared with us & all the #Lucilove they gave us.

“And I look forward to the future projects of Tom and Co, no matter if it’s S6 or something different

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