Married At First Sight Australia fans fume as Jessika refuses to let Mick leave AGAIN – so she can continue Dan affair

Married At First Sight Australia fans fume as Jessika refuses to let Mick leave AGAIN – so she can continue Dan affair


MARRIED At First Sight Australia's Jessika refused to let husband Mick leave AGAIN – so she could have more time to cheat on him with Dan.

Fans of the E4 show fumed on Twitter tonight as they watched Jessika Power, 28, confess that she wanted to stay in the show so that she could get to know Dan, who she had already snogged.

Mick shared his frustration at the commitment ceremony tonight when Jessika stood firm so she could pursue her affair with Dan.

Earlier in the show, the pair had a heart to heart which ended in tears as Jessika openly admitted to producers that she was using Mick.

She said: "I definitely feel selfish for me trying to keep Mick here. But I need to stay in the experiment to get to know Dan."

Mick also said that it was a 'stab in the guts' to see her chasing after Dan.

He said: "I've stayed six weeks putting up with Jessika, you can only push me away so many times.

"I don't know why she is flogging a dead horse, I'm out of it as far as I'm concerned, if she decides to stay it's not going to be pretty."

Meanwhile, car broker Dan said he felt like "a dirty dog" for deceiving wife Tamara – but said he also wanted to get to know Jessika and the pair "had fun" together.

Viewers on Twitter were incensed by the scenes, as one said: "This is outrageous! How Mick keeps it together, idk. Jessika saying she feels horrible and sorry *if* she hurts someone along the way?! How can you look at yourself in the mirror, woman? Disgusting!"

Another raved: "Jessika and her crocodile tears"

And one more observed: "Jessika? Tears? Poor me? You selfish selfish person, not as bad as Ines but in that ball park"

And another said: "They should’ve shown the footage to the group of Dan & Jessika kissing and then see the s**t hit the fan"

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It's true that viewers haven't seen all that happened between the Married At First Sight cast.

The show got so ugly that some of the scenes couldn't be aired, its stars have claimed.

Jessika clashed with Cyrell Paule, 31, on the series of the reality show currently being aired in the UK on E4, and Cyrell chucked her glass of wine over Jessika, saying "it felt good".

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