Matt Tebbutt red-faced over outfit choice chat with BBC host Not a conversation for TV!

Matt Tebbutt red-faced over outfit choice chat with BBC host Not a conversation for TV!


Ben Boulos awkward exchange with Matt Tebbutt on 'sweat marks'

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As BBC Breakfast briefly switched to Matt Tebbutt in the Saturday Kitchen studio to discuss the upcoming show, presenter Ben Thompson grilled the TV chef over his choice of shirt before talking about sweat patches and leaving Matt pleading for the subject to be changed as he complained it: “Wasn’t a conversation for TV!” and tried to swiftly move on.

After complimenting Doctor Chris Smith’s loud Hawaiian shirt, Ben was disappointed to see Matt was sporting a plain pink one.

“What’s with the shirt though?” He asked as he greeted Matt.

“Chris’ was way better – too plain, I’m sorry,” he remarked as Matt appeared confused.

“Well I know, I know,” Matt smiled. “I feel a bit underdressed, I loved his shirt, actually!”

He admitted: “I’m just not brave enough to do that. It’s either, I have one pink shirt and I have blue shirts, that’s it!”

“You can’t wear a blue shirt in hot weather, though,” Ben warned.

“Pink’s a wise choice – you can’t see any sweat marks.”

Matt pulled a disgusted face before asking: “Shall we stop?” To which Ben shrugged.

“You know the conversations you should have in a pub and not on national TV?!” Matt added.

He laughed and admitted: “This is one of those!”

Moving on from the humiliating moment, Matt greeted viewers ahead of his weekly cooking show.

“Good morning,” he remarked, adding: “Our special guest today has a smile brighter than the blazing sun outside, Strictly’s Johannes Radebe!”

“Good morning Johannes, how are you?” He asked the professional dancer.

“I’m fantastic and you?” the 35-year-old asked politely, before adding: “I’m pleased to be here, I can’t wait!”

He admitted his food heaven would be some sort of African delicacy.

“I mean spicy mints, if you know what I mean,” he explained. “But I’m a very easily pleased man – give me some chicken, give me some rice!”

“Okay,” Matt responded. “Tripe was on your list of heavens, that was interesting!”

“You say that – me and my family bond over a pot of tripe,” the choreographer admitted.

As the studio laughed, he added: “I think it’s delicious! It’s delicious.”

When asked about food hell, he admitted there “wasn’t much,” but certain kinds of vegetables weren’t his cup of tea.

BBC Breakfast airs daily from 6am on BBC One.

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