Molly Mae Hague reveals she's terrified to be alone and has hired 24 hour security at home after fan turned up

Molly Mae Hague reveals she's terrified to be alone and has hired 24 hour security at home after fan turned up


MOLLY-MAE Hague has revealed that she is "terrified" to be alone and has hired 24 hour security at home after a fan turned up at her gate.

The Love Island star became emotional as she opened up about the frightening ordeal that has left her fearing for her safety.

The 21-year-old admitted that she "doesn't feel safe anywhere" and has been forced to hire permanent security to sit outside her apartment.

Molly-Mae and boyfriend Tommy Fury, 21, moved into their stunning Manchester pad last summer but have revealed that a "few incidents" have made them feel uneasy.

Speaking on her YouTube channel, Molly-Mae said: "I'm not sure I've mentioned this before but I now have to pay a lot of money a month for an extremely high security for the apartment.

"I had a few incidents, I just don't really feel safe anywhere anymore. 

"I didn't feel safe in our last apartment, I don't really feel safe here, I don't really feel safe anywhere anymore because I just feel like no matter how much you try and keep your life private, when you're in the public eye your life is never private."

The social media influencer went onto describe an encounter with a stranger who turned up at her doorstep.

The TV star continued: "It honestly baffles me, I have no understanding how but the amount of PR packages I receive every single day from people all over the UK that know my address.

"I feel like one brand got hold of my address and have just sent it round. All these different people know my address.

"The other day I actually had someone turn up at the front gate ringing the gate saying they travelled five hours to the town they knew I lived and then just drove all around where we lived to find our house."

The reality star explained that the incident left her panicked and resulted in her hiring round-the-clock security.

She added: "I've basically redone the whole security plan for the next month so I have a  permanent security car sat outside the apartment so I know I am 100 percent safe.

"When Tommy is here it's one thing but when I am here by myself I just want that reassurance that I am 100 percent safe.

"I'm sure you wouldn't like it if people knew where you guys lived and I never want to sound like I am complaining, it's just one of those situations that are hard to explain."

The Love Island couple regularly share snaps of their modern flat boasting of stunning city views and an open plan living room.

The flat features wooden floors and an open plan kitchen with sleek white units, and it's quite likely Molly-Mae will be the one to do the cooking considering Tommy's disastrous culinary efforts in the villa.

Meanwhile the bedroom features a quirky window feature and plush white carpets, and the modern bathroom also sticks to a white palette.

The couple, who were runners-up on the show, currently rent the flat but are desperate to buy it.

Tommy recently revealed that he plans to propose to Molly-Mae "sooner than" fans may expect.

He took to his Instagram stories to answer questions submitted by his following, who were keen to know when their relationship would be taken to the next level.

During the candid Q&A session, boxer Tommy told his 3.3million followers that he was keen to put a ring on Molly-Mae's finger "sooner than you think".

He was asked by a follower if he was "going to put a ring" on it, having been happily loved up with his girlfriend since meeting on Love Island in 2019.

Reality star Tommy quipped back while cheekily winking at the camera: "Sooner than you think."

Fans were keen to delve deeper and one asked: "When are you gonna have some little Fury's?", referencing the couple's plans to have children.

He explained: "I'm not the person to ask that question to," he explained. "I would like them sooner rather than later but maybe you should go and ask that to the Mrs."

Tommy and Molly-Mae have been together for nearly two years, and became official just weeks into their time at the Love Island villa.

They moved in together just a month after arriving back in the UK and have been inseparable ever since – even recently looking into buying a home together.

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